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Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. Updated: July 25, pm. Karen and Charlie Touzeau share a moment after 34 years of marriage. Their friendship began when the two worked as labor negotiators and bonded over their stressful jobs. Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision that overruled laws that had made interracial marriages illegal. Hsiao-Mei and Ray Wiedmeyer have been married for 45 years.

The couple have traveled to 85 countries and all seven continents. Rebekah and Darren Swanson reminisce about their winter wedding of January and share that their Christian faith is what brought them together despite their different backgrounds. She kind of was rural-ish, and I have lived in a lot of different places because my parents were both in the Army. Jaron Vail and Martina Hoit-Vail have been married for four years.

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On proposing to Martina, Jaron said, "I want to give you something that lasts forever. Their puppy Crosby has been a close companion to the couple. Bryan Mink and Joshua Simmons will be celebrating their two-year anniversary on October 4. We both show it in different ways," Mink said.

Missourian reporter Gabriela Velasquez is the daughter of an interracial couple.

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Monday marks the 50th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision that permitted interracial relationships and marriages in the United States. Fifty years after the famous Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision, interracial couples in Columbia share their stories. My father is Filipino. My mother is white. I grew up thinking my family was utterly ordinary. It never crossed my mind that ina year before my parents were born, interracial marriage was still illegal in 17 states. The couple then returned Columbia interracial dating Central Point, Virginia. Roughly a month later, the police raided their home and arrested the couple for breaking the Racial Integrity Act ofwhich prohibited interracial marriage in Virginia.

The Lovings pleaded guilty and avoided a year in prison because they agreed to leave Virginia. They moved to Washington, D. Brazile refused to vacate their convictionswriting:. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix. The case eventually went to the Supreme Court, which unanimously overturned the couple's convictions on June 12, The Loving case did not "legalize" interracial marriage in all 50 states, but it did make laws prohibiting interracial marriage unenforceable. In17 percent of newlyweds in the United States married someone of a different race, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

I remember waiters asking my parents if they wanted to split the bill and strangers thinking I was adopted. The five Columbia couples the Missourian spoke to on the 50th anniversary of what is now known as the Loving decision talked about their relationships and how they're about so much more than race.

And yet if it weren't for the Supreme Court's Loving decision, they might never have happened. In Aprilafter weeks and weeks of constant nagging, Darren Swanson, 21, finally agreed to meet this girl his pastor's wife kept telling him about. His pastor's wife was eager to see him dating, but Darren was less certain. As a history and communications major at MU, he had a fairly full schedule and didn't know if romance was in the cards for him.

I don't know if you date Columbia interracial dating girls or have a preference. The girl — Rebekah, 26 — and he finally met when the pastor's wife "dragged" him to her at a church function, told them they should go on a date and then scurried away. She watched them from the other side of the room with her son and a friend of Darren's.

Their relationship progressed rapidly from there. Five inches of snow fell that day. The family members weren't outright opposed; they were just hesitant, as the couple describes it. Growing up, Rebekah had been aware of racial issues but had never felt an immediate connection to them. That all changed in the fall ofseveral months into their relationship, when threats against black students were posted to YikYak. The next day, Darren went to class despite the threats because some of his professors didn't cancel class. The protests and threats, Rebekah said, gave her an entirely new perspective on racial issues.

And the University of Detroit was in a rough part of town. Columbia interracial dating luckily for Hsiao-Mei, a graduate student in biochemistry, she and her friends had someone to walk them home: Ray Wiedmeyer, a fellow grad student who had just returned to the U. He almost didn't end up in Detroit. The school had misplaced his application. He loved Chinese food! Hsiao-Mei, 71, and Ray, 76, saw each other daily in the laboratory and began dating in They bonded over a shared love of the outdoors and nature.

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At first, Hsiao-Mei's mother was wary of her being with an American man, but her family warmed up to him, in part because her brother, Kelvin, and her father approved of Ray. Everybody divorced. Hsiao-Mei was lucky with Ray's family, she said. They were fairly conservative, but Ray's sister had already married a man from the Dominican Republic by the time they got married. They were married in in a small, quick ceremony. Hsiao-Mei wore a red Chinese wedding dress, and her family threw a party in Taiwan to celebrate. In the summer ofthey traveled to Taiwan, and Ray met her family for the first time.

He quickly won over Hsiao-Mei's mother. As it turns out, the way to her heart was very simple. Living in the North and in a college town, Hasio-Mei and Ray never had too many problems, she said. She tries to make an effort to get people to know her before they judge her or her marriage. The Wiedmeyers have seen the world together.

They have visited 85 countries, chased the northern lights in Iceland and seen the peaks of the Himalayas. They have lived in Brazil. Joshua Simmons thought he was being fairly obvious, but Bryan Mink couldn't take a hint. Foot rubs offered because Mink's feet hadn't yet adjusted to the strain of walking across a college campus weren't exactly platonic, Simmons figured. Mink was in high school touring MU on the day of Pride Parade.

Mink and Simmons Columbia interracial dating now been dating for well over a year. Simmons can't pin down exactly what made him fall for Mink. Simmons was attracted to Mink's political convictions and dedication to social justice. Growing up in Harrisonville, a town south of Kansas City, he hadn't been surrounded by many politically minded people who also shared his views.

They take the looks in stride and find humor in it where they can. When walking past preachers in Speakers Circle who call them "sodomites," they keep holding hands. Martina Hoyt-Vail, 32, knew that what she had with her now-husband Columbia interracial dating Vail, 35, was real when she sat by his bedside in the hospital.

They'd been dating only a few months.

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Jaron had torn an arm muscle while working out, and roughly a month after the injury he went to the doctor and realized he had gout. He was prescribed Allopurinol but had a severe reaction to it, breaking out in hives and swelling.

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They were married in at The Tiger Hotel, halfway between her family from northeast Missouri and his family from St. Their wedding was a fun mix of cultures, Martina said. One of their close friends stood up during the reception and requested "We Are Family.

There was hesitation from both families about their relationship at first, but Martina and Jaron both put effort into getting to know the other's family as well as they could, not that it was always easy. They worried some family Columbia interracial dating wouldn't attend their wedding or talk to them. Martina and Jaron are a case of opposites attracting. Jaron is more reserved and thoughtful, a self-described pessimist, while Martina is extroverted, focused and upbeat.

Their differences help them keep each other sane, they said, and they are both the better for it. They hope their child, due in three weeks, doesn't grow up feeling they have to choose whether they're black or white. When Karen put her hand on Charlie's leg, he didn't think anything of it. But then, her hand inched up his leg, and he realized oh, she was interested. Karen and Charlie were friends and colleagues before they finally took the leap. They worked together as labor negotiators in Michigan and bonded over their shared responsibilities.

They lived together as a couple for three years before getting married. Their wedding was a very small, very rushed ceremony attended by a janitor and bookstore clerk because they were traveling to Columbia interracial dating, D. The first words they exchanged on their wedding day were "I do" because they weren't actually on speaking terms.

They'd had a fight over mutual friends overstaying their welcome at their home. Charlie jokes that their wedding was a "shortcut" for mending fences. Their official wedding ceremony was two days later in Washington, D. One newlywed couple at the church even gave the Touzeaus leftover wedding cake and champagne. While the couple says they are lucky to have not experienced much blowback to their marriage, Charlie admitted he's heard a few comments about black people over the years when his wife wasn't around. Their families didn't warm to their relationship right away. Charlie's conservative parents were concerned, but didn't mind as long as the two didn't marry.

When they did marry, his parents were OK with it as long as they didn't have children.

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And then, Karen gave birth to Leslie, their only. In the end, what makes their marriage work, Karen says, is their differences. They have no expectations for each other. She's jazz, I'm country. Fifty years ago, nine men ruled that no state could prohibit couples of mixed races from marrying.

Because of them, couples can be married with no hindrance, or they can entertain the idea of marriage without hesitation. My parents were married in a Catholic church in Memphis, Tennessee, in Because of them, I exist. In the years since the Supreme Court decision, much has changed. One in 10 marriages in America is interracial, and approval of such unions has risen dramatically. By the time the decision has its th anniversary, the idea of a Columbia interracial dating like this one might well seem absurd. Supervising editor is Katherine Reed. Summer general asment reporter, fall writer for Vox.

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