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He started and ended the article with the same line, a literary device that illustrated the redundancy of the days we lived in during the drought of Growing up on a cattle ranch in Montana, we would corral the horses in the morning after their feeding. Turning the horses out then was emblematic of not having enough work. That drought never seemed to end, though we woke with a daily hope that things would change for the better.

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I was finishing my third year in real estate, having better than average success in a new business. Our goal was to have my business support our family, so that when David was born, Kami could be a stay-at-home mother to our two.

I was 30 years old and the real estate market was in a steady slide downward. I had to weigh my promise to the mother of my children against the brutal reality of a crashing real estate market.

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With my back against the wall, I had to make a decision. No one had heard of a short sale, no one wanted to buy a home in a falling market, and no seller was willing to believe that their value had fallen as much as their neighbors. My value to my clients was in my empathy and understanding, and a desire to help those that seemed to Turned 20 tonight in helpless situations became the lifeblood of my business. I was lucky. Last Friday, knowing that a stay-at-home order was imminent, I took my kids on a day-trip through Snohomish County, updating flyers on my listings, talking to my sellers at a 6-foot distance, and talking through the pandemic with my.

At some point my son asked me about the drought ofand I regaled them with stories of fighting 10 different brushfires at his age that summer. They listened in awe and wonder, trying to imagine fighting fire at their age. We will be taking this time to call through our database, to reach out to all of you and see how you are doing.

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