Couch to 5k looking for a running buddy

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Lots of running clubs do a C25K program where you get to run with others at the same level, maybe go down that road if you can't find a running buddy. Im starting this soon as my flu is over so prob next week. I'll be starting on Monday morning when kids are in school I'll be starting from weekend on the app if you would like to. Yeah that would be great thank you if we could be finished by Yeah that's great thank you should we say meet on the town hall steps at the back?? Or seacombe ferry?? Could really do with some advice, feeling really fed I have just started couch to 5k and got half way through the run didn't manage to finish anyone else.

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Home About Posts Members. Hey any one on the Wirral that could use someone to do the couch to 5k challenge with. Reply Like 1 Save post Report. Andy14st9lbs Graduate.

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Reply 1 Report. Katep85 in reply to Hidden. Katep85 in reply to Katep Hidden in reply to Katep Not what you're looking for? You may also like Starting Week 1 today. First Run tomorrow!!! Any starting 'buddies' out there?

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Is there anyone else out there who doesn't enjoy running or is it just me? Help Needed, from all my running buddies! Just starting out help? Just started out with this app. View more posts. Related Posts. For anyone just starting out Just starting out Just starting out. Just nipping out for a quick run! Supporting the community See all. IannodaTruffe Administrator. Oldfloss Administrator. Can I do it? I have completed week 8 and just feel like givi

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How To Stick To Couch To 5K – From Runners Who've Done It