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Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Ahmad Abojaradeh is the Founder and Executive Director of Life in My Days, a Global Non-Profit paving the way for starting difficult conversations around Mental Health and Disabilities, Abuse and Trauma, and Justice worldwide by supporting individuals and communities on their journeys for self-actualization.

They are also a Peer Support Specialist, supporting individuals from around the world, specializing in working with individuals displaced by war, torture and complex childhood trauma, individuals experiencing houselessness, and individuals at risk of dying from suicide. Muhammad Abubakar holds an M. He is a high school science teacher at a private high school in Windsor, CT which means he is very comfortable in a classroom setting. He began his college education here at the Waterbury UConn campus where he conducted research and tutored biology. Stacey Altomari has the great pleasure of doing what she loves: teaching people to live life in the present and letting go of the past, teaching people how to live life in the NOW, harnessing the power of the NOW!

Peter Anderheggen is a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and has studied it since He taught writing, literature, and public speaking at the college level for 30 years and has also taught Hatha Yoga. Thelma Appel became a citizen of the United States in Once arriving, she became a passionate painter of landscape. Following employment at Conde Nast Publications, she decided to pursue her love of art, and as an educator, sharing her knowledge.

She has given art history lectures throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. Alphonse AviTabile has worked with bees for 50 years, and has conducted and continues to do bee research. He has been published in the American Bee Journal six times; three times in and three times in He is co-author of The Beekeeper Handbook and has published honey bee papers in bee journals and magazines. She was born in Damascus, Syria. She aspires to spread awareness about the cultures of the Middle East about Islam, but is especially excited for the opportunity to do so in an academic setting.

Raghdaa is trilingual and a practicing Muslim. Joseph J Baxer has been engaged in sustaining cultural diversity and mediating cross-cultural conflicts. His Doctorates are in Theology and Psychology. Annie Beierle has been a nurse for more than 30 years, most of that time working in a Critical Care Unit. She is a slow but content runner, an avid reader and an artist searching for her medium! Richard Bell is a professor of history at the University of Maryland.

He holds a B. He has won more than a dozen teaching awards, including the University System of Maryland Board of Regents Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest honor for teaching faculty in the Maryland state system. He has held major research fellowships at Yale, Cambridge, and the Library of Congress and is the recipient of the National Endowment Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love the Humanities Public Scholar award.

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Louis Belloisy has been a historian and photographer for the Palace Theater since Prior to his return to the Palace Theater inLou stepped away from the theater for a while to pursue a career in aviation. He is generally regarded as the most knowledgeable person in NA with regard to mountain lions in the Northeast.

Aside from sharing data with scientist, and private citizens, who are documenting cougar activities in the region, and attending ten workshops and conferences, he has accumulated more than a dozen personal encounters with cougars in RI spanning five decades-one of them at a distance of 6 inches. He has written extensively about postwar American history, culture, and counterculture for the New York Times and the Advocate newspapers, among many other venues. Bill Blair has been a worshiper of George Orwell since he was He was Rector of St. Gabriella Brand is an educator, author, and consultant.

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A former administrator in several Connecticut private schools, Gabriella has over 25 years of teaching experience, primarily in foreign language classrooms. Research and teaching fellowship Harvard University. With his affable and witty presentation style and wealth of knowledge and resources for the topic, his passion for genre is readily apparent. She has decades of experience teaching and writing about art history and has amassed a collection of about 30, art images to share with OLLI students.

Steve Bustamante has been playing guitar and writing songs, in earnest, since He loves sharing what he has learned from various songwriting camps, workshops, and of course, writing and performing. Angela Buzzelli was born in Italy and came to the United States at the age of nine. She also spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy and a summer in Valencia, Spain. She has traveled throughout Europe, and extensively in Italy, and has visited a majority of the 20 Italian regions.

Catherine Capuano received a B. Ellen C. Her scholarship, which focuses on the importance of teaching reading alongside writing, has also been published in many journals and edited collections. He earned a B. Counseling at Southern Connecticut State University.

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He also earned 15 doctoral credits in Education from Columbia Teachers College. Vincent was a full time teacher for 9 years, a guidance counselor, and the guidance department head for 23 years. Denne Chennette. SinceDenna Chennette PhD has worked with individuals with disabilities and their families in a variety of settings. In her free time, Dr.

Chennette le small family caregiver support groups and meets with individuals to provide support, encouragement and resources related to their caregiving issues and unique circumstances. Rose-Ann C. Diane is passionate about history and the tools used to create family trees. Using a variety of research methods, she has helped many students uncover the richness of the stories of their ancestors.

Bill Cloutier is a retired nuclear engineer with a lifelong interest in astronomy and space exploration history. He is also an amateur astronomer and co-founder of the McCarthy Observatory, a facility dedicated to promoting science literacy, and involved in its many outreach initiatives. Edward Conlan is a retired teacher and was a sports official for 34 years, including 15 years at the Division I College level. She has taught French for about 20 years. David Corbett taught U.

He was awarded the Constitutional Law Award for the highest grade in constitutional law in his class. He has practiced law in Connecticut for over forty-two years. William Courtland is a teacher and lecturer who researches the principles of Chinese Medicine and its mind-body relationship.

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He is author of the book, A Medicine From Spirit. Roberta Crispino is from Waterbury and has taught science and writing in Naugatuck Public Schools for over 30 years. She has her M. Roberta is a transgender woman who is passionate about helping others live their best lives.

Jared Day holds a Ph. His areas of specialization are U. Between andhe led seminars on the effective teaching of history for public school teachers at the Pittsburgh Teachers Institute at Chatham University and has taught numerous courses for the Osher Academy for Life-Long Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Clementine Delaney took her first yoga class at 63 years old, even though she had asthma at the time. At age 70 she became a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Spirit Studio. She is now 77 years old and going strong, no longer suffering from asthma! David J. Dewitt is a successfully retired Nationwide Insurance Agent.

Dewitt is also a Certified Graphoanalyst. As such, he has spent decades studying, analyzing, and interpreting the handwriting of countless individuals. She also holds an MS Degree in Health Education, and has been a certified yoga instructor for 35 years with many special certifications. She has taught various population groups with various interests from adolescents with anxiety issues to populations with t issues and weight management. She has been teaching for over 20 years with her coursework and research concentrating on gerontological education, intergenerational relationships, and later life dependencies.

Laura incorporates service learning experiences into her courses, having students work with OLLI personnel and members. She also opens up many of her courses to the OLLI members, creating intergenerational classes, experiences, and activities. Judith DreyerMS, BSN, is a Master Gardener and teacher with over 20 years experience developing workshops and classes, speaking and writing about holistic health, edible and medicinal plants, sustainable landscapes and more.

Glenn Dulko was the past president of Yale University Toastmasters. He loves empowering people and their stories. Cindy Eastman is a writer and a teacher. She has been an OLLI presenter for five years teaching internet skills and journaling. James F. Nunzio De Filippis has a B. He was a business man for over 35 years who began teaching at the age of He has been a presenter at OLLI since Joseph Gambini has an avid interest in film and theater, directing many student performances throughout the years.

He was an English teacher for 36 years in the Danbury area. Shelley Goldstein Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love the library director at UConn Waterbury, and is responsible for research instruction on campus. For more than 20 years — as the internet has consumed nearly every aspect of our lives, — She has been providing insight on how to search wisely. She has a love-hate relationship with technology, recognizing its potential to enhance our lives while at the same time having a deceptive and intrusive nature.

Linda Gordon holds a B. She was a middle school and TAG teacher in Region 16 schools for 28 years. Maureen GossM.

Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love

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