Female wanted to accompany me to super bowl party

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The biggest sports event of the year is less than two weeks away, and for football fans in early recoverya single question looms large: How can I enjoy the Super Bowl sober?

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What does that mean, exactly? First and foremost, we need to rein in our fears of temptation. Yes, relapse rates for addiction range anywhere from 40 to 60 percent, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA [1]those rates are comparable to relapses by sufferers of hypertension and asthma. Are you OK with that? According to a article on the financial website Money [2]roughly million gallons of beer are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, meaning those of us in recovery are the outliers.

But is that pressure for us to in the fun?

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Only if we interpret it that way. Of course not. With that in mind, of course people are going to drink at a Super Bowl party. If anything, we can find gratitude that our brother-in-law gave us the courtesy of a he-up, because we can take that into consideration when we make our decision. The answer to that question is entirely up to you, but there are several factors to take into consideration before deciding:. So how can you enjoy the Super Bowl sober?

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First and foremost, keep a cool head. If you pull up to the house or the apartment where the party is taking place, and something just feels off, pay attention to your instincts! Go watch the game at home, or better yet, call some sober friends and invite them over.

Fortunately, there are a lot of online suggestions for being a part of the fun and staying sober, like those offered by Peggy Spear for the website SoberInfo. Call your sponsor or your sober network from your car and simply get out of there. As long as you put your sobriety first, you can find enjoyment in almost anything, provided you safeguard the new way of life that recovery has given you. Should I Go? Maybe for the social interaction — everyone loves a party. Have you talked to your sponsor or your support network?

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Will there be non-alcoholic drinks available? Can you bring a sober friend? I felt able to them and they felt able to check in with me. It means escaping from your head and helping others. At a Super Bowl Party, help by preparing and passing food avoid filling the wine glassesor helping the host clear plates.

Post up, enjoy the spectacle and catch up with old friends — with your non-alcoholic beverage in hand.

Female wanted to accompany me to super bowl party

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