Prefinished Vs Site Finished Hardwood Floors

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Pre-finished hardwood allows you to immediately use the room upon installation (within 48 hours) since the finish was applied to the wood at the factory. This is a good choice if you are in a hurry to use the room (guests coming, holiday party, etc.) or simply prefer the color of a pre-finished wood sample. Prefinished Flooring Should be Convenient & Beautiful. Having continuously evolved since their introduction many years ago, prefinished floors save time and money because they’re ready to walk on as soon as they’re installed without all the prep work required for site-finished floors.

Prefinished Floor Finishes vs Site Finished Floor Finishes

A good-quality prefinished solid hardwood floor has all the prestige of site-finished hardwood. Any hardwood floor generally adds real estate value to a floor, especially when compared to look-alike "wood" products, such as laminate flooring. Often, though, factory prefinished wood planks will have beveled, slightly rounded edges.

Prefinished vs site finished hardwood floors. When you compare prefinished hardwood flooring vs unfinished hardwood flooring, you should look at your personal time and budget constraints. Prefinished hardwood flooring is the best option if you want an easier installation process and if you want to move furniture into your home immediately after installation. The greatest benefit that attracts customers to prefinished flooring is convenience. Since your wood floors are already finished prior to installation, the total time it takes to prepare your new floors is cut down drastically. But, you don’t get the personalized and customized options that are available with site-finished floors. If it’s prefinished, you would want to add 2 coats of water based poly, and ideally Bona Traffic. This will definitely cost you more vs either just doing site finished or prefinished wood, as you are paying for both parts. And, most likely, during the buffing process, you would degrade the strength of aluminum oxide in the prefinished floors.

Hardwood flooring installation and finishing is just one of our areas of expertise, and by the time our flooring clients come to us, they usually already know whether they want their floors to be finished in their homes, (on site) or pre-finished from the factory. However, some aren’t sure what they’re interested in (and that’s completely. Prefinished vs. Site Finished Hardwood Flooring. as well because it is available in more widths and wood species than prefinished and can be matched to existing wood floors. Site Finished Flooring Site-finished hardwood flooring ships from the mill in its natural, raw state. Sanding, staining and finishing are all done in the home after the. Unfinished Hardwood vs. Prefinished Hardwood Costs . While it's true that the initial cost of prefinished hardwood is somewhat higher than unfinished hardwood, when all is said and done (or rather sanded and finished), the pricing difference is more or less a wash. In some cases, once you pay $2 to $4 per square foot for hardwood finishing, the.

Due to the heavy materials and tools involved, this is practically impossible. Result: damaged floors, to one degree or another. Seams. Seams between pre-finished floorboards are not sealed over, as they would be when you seal your flooring on site. Difficult to refinish. Pre-finished flooring rarely needs refinishing due to its heavy coating. Which is the better hardwood flooring option for you? A pre-finished floor or an unfinished / finished on site hardwood floor? I asked an online hardwood flooring community group on LinkedIn which was a better floor, unfinished or pre-finished, and it resulted in a tremendous amount of passionate responses. Durability– When it comes to choosing prefinished wood flooring you will find that both engineered and solid hardwood floors offer great durability and a long lifespan.With regards to surface wear and tear it is more important that you research what kind of finish is to be added to your flooring as it is the finish that provides the main protection.

These are the most common misconceptions we hear about site finished floors… 1) The site-finished hardwood floor process creates a ton of dust. In some cases yes, this is the truth. Some businesses refuse to invest in dustless vacuums and still use dust spewing bags and don’t tape up plastic around the work area. In this study, we found that on average, site-finished hardwood flooring services are cheaper than pre-finished hardwood flooring services. Choosing to have site-finished flooring will save you up to $2,000! For those DIY folks out there, here is just the cost for the hardwood itself: $6409 for pre-finished and $2400 for raw (site-finished). Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Flooring If you're deciding between prefinished hardwood flooring or unfinished wood floors, consider these nine key differences to make an informed choice. By.

Both prefinished and site finished hardwood floors are great choices and which you choose depends upon a number of mainly personal preferences. Let’s break it down: The Advantages of Prefinished Hardwood Floors. Prefinished hardwood flooring is usually the best way to go if cost and convenience are among your biggest concerns. As you're looking to match the old floors, definitely go with site finished. Pre-finished floors have a beveled edge because the floor won't be sanded flat after installation. Even if the color were a perfect match, the bevel makes it look different. We took down walls and had new oak laced in with the old and the entire floor refinished. A site finished hardwood is typically sealed with a liquid polyurethane that dries into a hard shell. Installation When it comes to installation, prefinished hardwoods are going to be a much quicker installation. Once they’re laid and nailed to the subfloor, the installation is done. With a site finished floor, it will need to be stained.

The Benefits of Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors. As compelling as on-site finishing is, pre-finished hardwood floors have their advantages as well. A Simpler Process. This is the most appealing benefit of pre-finished floors for some homeowners. With unfinished flooring planks, you have to live through installation, sanding, and finishing. Each step adds cost. Site-finished woods are simply milled. So prefinished materials cost more than site-finished materials. However, prefinished woods have just floor installation cost while site finished woods have to be both installed and sand & finished. Site-finished woods have more labor expense. Prefinished hardwood flooring has been finished – sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane — in a factory. All you need to do is install it (cut and nail it to the subfloor) and it is done. Unfinished flooring is raw hardwood that must first be installed and then sanded and refinished on site.

Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Floors. There's a big difference between prefinished and site-finished flooring when the finish gets damaged. You can't easily repair a scratched or water-damaged factory finish, and if the damage is noticeable, you may have to replace the affected boards. Site finishes are easier to repair, often by. Everyone telling me that OAK Floors are outdated and that I should choose one of the new prefinished floors. I am willing to go thru the hassle of site finishing if it is the right move. Would love to hear comments regarding: – straight edge vs beveled – prefinished vs site finished (poly on top) – Oak vs other wood species. If you have shopped for hardwood floors, you have probably debated the pros and cons of pre-finished hardwood floors vs. site finished hardwood floors. It’s a legitimate debate. Both types of hardwood floors have merit so the real question is which solution is better for your site and which meets your personal preferences.. Here are a few observations that might influence your decision:

SVB Wood Floors: Pre-Finished Wood Floor Installations Cost is lower for pre-finished floors because finishing done in a factory setting is less labor-intensive, therefore saving labor costs. Also, pre-finished floors are typically more durable than site-finished floors because the finishing is done in a temperature-controlled, dust-free.

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