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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Pierpont Morgan. Uvea little Rosie Hioxham, who baa the unusual dis tinction of being the adopted child of a queen, Mary of England. Christmas, A very curious Incident happened in en English country town recently.

In which a man was warned of the death of his father. In relating the exper ience he says: "My father had been in hospital for some considerable time, but was in his usual health, so far as we knew, when we retired for the night. In the morning our lad, aged five years, looked up and astonished us by. I Aaw a ticket up at the hospital saying he is dead. My little son had got the warning in some mysterious form, and conveyed it to ime as best he could.

How it got im ; pressed on hie young mind I am lin kable to say. A squatter while mustering his flocks one day lately climbed for fun the summit of a high peak on his estate. On reaching the top be was astonished to find a merino sheep in a grassy sheltered hollow The animal had apparently lost its gre garious instincts, developed misan thropic tendencies, and led an ex alted hermit existence for years. Hav ing never been shorn, its wool was more than a couple of feet In length, mid to be the longest staple of wool on record. These were promptly dispatched with the ex ception of one, which the Under re tained.

Shortly afterwards the baby rat was adopted by a cat which at the time was nursing kittens. Instead of devouring the rat, as one would expect, pussy quietly gave it. At the time of writ ing the rat was still under pussy's maternal care. Sir Herbert Risley, speaking of the castes of eastern Bengal at a meeting of the Royal An thropological Institute, said a curious system of religious worship prevailed among a caste who were professional burglars.

Immense Root of Alfalfa Alfalfa has become one of the chief crops of vast portions of the west for It la invaluable as fodder, requires comparatively little cultivation and Is harvested several times a year. The growth of thio plknt, called lucerne In other countries, le Indicated by the accompanying photograph of a giant alfalfa root that was taken up In California.

The priest of this place had been worked into a state of great indignation by the loose attitude towards sacred things dis played by the youth of both sexes be longing to his parish. A ort time ago when mass was over the priest appeared in the pulpit determined to read his flock a severe lesson.

Then he be gan to address the grim relic. Are any of thy relatives in this church? Wert thou a drunk ard? Art thou tn heaven or in hell? Weak-minded people fainted, and at the conclusion Bozeman Montana at best looking puss usq the sermon the con gregation filed out pale and excited, and not likely to forget that particu lar sermon for a long time. The two chil dren were in a farmhouse, whilst the mother was lying on the floor un conscious from drink.

The boy was in another room with the baby. A neighbor happened to pass, when the boy ran out to him, and said. The boy first said that the baby had fallen and struck its head agaiust the wall, but when closely questioned the blurt ed out that he bad killed his little brother. He was trying to sleep, he said, when the baby started to cry. He was unable to quiet it, and then he got angry, and struck it on the head with a hammer, besides stab bing it with a table knife all over the body. In some of the East Indian islands and on the mainland of Hindustan are to be found the smallest race of honey bees in the world.

These dwarf honey collectors are known to entomologists as Apis florea. Their honey combs are no larger than 's hand, and the cells are about the state of a small pin head. This honey is excellent, as is the wax. The little creatures build the combs on the branch of a low tree, and as they have not to provide for winter lhey work all the year through, raising broods like themselves. In this same land there is a race of giant bees. Apis dorsata, as large as Held crickets. Charles Sherwood of Albion, Wis. Sherwood has a collie with a pen chant for trout Ashing.

He has cuffed the dog for it, but each time It only returns with a larger flsh. One of the most interesting relics of George Washington is owned by the city of Salem. It is a medallion in wood, carved after a sketch from life. The same artist executed both sketch and carving, which gives the relic added value.

He was Samuel Mc- Intire, native genius with a gift for portraiture. He studied Washington when the father of his country visited Salem on his tour of the east, and made the medallion shortly afterward, to adorn the arch over the west en trance of Washington square, Salem. Here the effigy remained from untilwhen the arch was taken down to give place to an iron fence, still in use. This Washington relic Is Bozeman Montana at best looking puss usq in the fireproof room at the Essex institute, Salem, where it is frequently studied by artists and others as an odd and striking likeness cf the great Ameri can whom no two artists pictured alike.

Time for Stillness. One Sunday the boarder, returning from a walk, found the windows of her room, which she had left wiae open, tightly closed. His Wish Gratified. Jean Robie, the celebrated Bel gian artist, died at Brussels the other week aged Robie was also famous as a horticulturist, and was an authority on roses. Many people have receding gums. Rub Hatnlina W izard Oil on gums and stop the decay; chase the disease germa with a mouth wash of a few drops to a spoonful of water.

The saint who says he cannot sin may be an earnest man. Drink Garfield Tea at night! It insures normal action of liver, kidneya and bowels. Angelfood cakes seldom make boys angelic. It is the only preparation of its kind devised by a regularly gradu ated physician—an experienced and skilled specialist in the diseases of women. It Is a safe medicine in any condition of the system. Such a maa is not to be trusted. He is trifling with your most priceless possession—your baakh — msy be your life itself. Set tiat yew grf rial yes ath for.

The very best advice: take Garfield Tea whenever a laxative is needed. No Clew. Runs on the Bank of England. Even the Bank of England has not been entirely free from runs nor from the necessity of saving Itself by strategy. Infor instance, It was forced to employ agents to present notes, which were paid as slowly as possible in sixpences, the cash being immediately brought in by another door and paid in again, while anxious holders of notes vainly tried to se cure attention.

Some Do. Checks Fevers, stops Discharges ot the nose, takes away all aches and pains caused bv colds. It cures Grip and ob stinate Coughs and prevents Pneumonia. Write Prof. Munyon, 53rd and Jefferson Sts.! Purely vegetable —S«, Bd lO uiac». They do then doty. Saudi Price, f Genuine ature If afflicted with ture ejes. Richmond, V». Search GO. Back to search of Next.

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Bozeman Montana at best looking puss usq

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