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Nowhere has this been more clear than in the rhetoric of conservative pundits. They decry gender-neutral toy potatoes as liberal overreach but see no problem with demanding the reation of someone who admitted to feeling emotional about an inauguration. The occasional Republican might bravely step forward to draw the line at violent insurrection, but on balance conservatives have ceased articulating actual policy platforms in favor of simply adopting the cartoon villainy that animates their leader.

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InWashingtonian magazine reported on young D. But for Kaufmann, the fault lies not with the people who hold noxious views, but with those who have the temerity to not want to get naked with them. His solution? Men on the internet have long charged that progressive, feminist Democratic voters are ugly, unlovable harpies, simultaneously sexless and slutty, and destined to die alone with their cats.

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Meanwhile, MAGA men regularly crow about studies indicating that conservative women are hotter than those on the other side. How dare they? Kaufmann is somewhat creative in interpreting the studies he cites. Framing it as a civil-rights issue is just creepy.

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Educated women not wanting to date Trump supporters, for instance, is a solid example of the free market that conservatives hold so dear. If women reject them and the market corrects in response, everything is working exactly how conservatives believe it should.

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And what of personal responsibility, that conservative shibboleth that buttresses arguments against universal healthcare have you considered just not getting sick? If devotion to a would-be dictator is getting in the way of love matches, surely the personally responsible response would be to consider why that is, rather than just blaming the people who swiped left.

Of course, conservatives have repeatedly shown a willingness to dispense with their core principles when market forces turn against them.

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And Ross Douthat and Robin Hanson prove that when access to sex is at stake, conservatives get downright socialist real fast. Andi Zeisler is a writer and editor, and the cofounder of Bitch Media. IE 11 is not supported.

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Woman want sex tonight Melber

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