New year s midnight hookup

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If is supposed to give us clean slate with which to work, we might as well go out on a high note. It is pretty hot. Once you get over the lack of cleanliness, a public restroom is pretty much the ideal spot.

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But for the 35 percent of those surveyed, that's the hookup spot of choice. For 26 percent of NYE revelers, retreating to a stairwell for some sexy fun is the best place to go.

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Although there may not be any doors for privacy, I imagine the possibility of getting caught is part of the thrill. However, for 13 percent of people a balcony, even if the weather is blustery and snowy, is the place to go.

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So, yes, for 10 percent of those surveyed, finding the nearest cab and getting it on is the way to do it. You have a door for privacy and, when the elevator stops moving, you get a he-up that someone is about to get on and interrupt your fun. Maybe if closet doors locked from the inside, the percentage would be different.

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New year s midnight hookup

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