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H e r d production: Henry Travis, average mlHc, 1, pounds, average butterfat 51 pounds; Ida-Ayr Dairy, average milk, 1, pounds, averagebut- lerfat 48 pounds; Carl Schuler, average milk, 1, pounds, average butterfat 45 pounds; George t Helen Carson, average milk, 1, pounds, average butterfat 44 pounds; Ray BMcy, average milk, 1, pounds, average butterfat 42 pounds; and Ted Stevens, average milk, pounds, average butterfat, 42 pounds. The three highest cows!

Dotson, which produced 2, pounds of milk; Joey owed by Carsons, which produced 2, pounds of milk; and Ginger owned by Travis which produced 2, pounds of milk. The Ihroe highest cows In the production of lutterfat fere; No. Hansen, which produced pounds of outterfat; Ginger owned by Travis which produced pounds of bullerfat; and Perky owned by Dotson which produced 98 pounds of butterfat. Claude Stioun spent several days recently in the Harold Davis home. They have been living in Tennessee but are moving back to Idaho, Week end visitors in the Davis home were Mrs.

Kenneth Davis and two daughters of Tacoma, Wash. Sunday visitors were Mrs. Larry Davis anjchildren, also o Tacoma, and Mrs. JanCom- slock and laughter, Lory.

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Members of the N'azartne Church and their pastor painted the interior ol the sanctuary. II would help put things in the proper perspective. I had major surgery recently. A few days after the operation my drx:[or came by for a routine check. After chatting a few minutes lie said he was sure he had! After about 10 minutes of rummaging around lie found the pencil In his pocket. Thank you. Dear Ann Landers: A few years ago my two married sisters and I were complaining about her husbands' quirks.

Mom told us a story that made a big Impression on all of us. I'd like to pass It on. Mom said the night her last child was married she has been a widow for years she went back to her apartment anfi suddenly the emptiness oftheplace hit her all at once. She said it was really silly because tier last-to-marry was a son who wasn't home much anyway. But suddenly she realized he wouldn't be at home at all.

And that was the awful part,' She told my sisters and me to stop picking on our husbands, that most of the things wives complain about are not worth mentioning. From that day on I stopped nagging and our marriage has been a lot better aver since. Dear One: Thanks for your letter. And now let's hope others learn from you. Dear Ann Landers: A few weeks ago a friend invited our daughter age 2 to a birthday party. The birthday boy was 3. It was made clear that parents were welcome and they would be served refreshments along with the children.

This party is for the children. I agreed and told the hostess how we felt. If adults want a cocktail the hostess should be happyfoscrve them one any time, in ourhomc we wouldn't dream of doing It any other way. We would like your views on this. Dear Mrs. It's a sad state of affairs when someone who does not serve liquor is considered ungracious. A mother who decides against serving cocktails to parents attending the birthday party of has good sense, in my opinion.

Enclose a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope and 35c in coin with your request. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. George Klrkland and Mr. Oliver Dawson. William L. Jones, son of Mr. Jones of Boise Route 3 are serving overseas in the Army.

The brothers are graduates of Meridian High School. The of the nation's top bee author- tour section and second day ities wUlbe onhandtoass. Am aailfleU and p dCommercial cattlemen as ton areas well as purebred breeders of no ; ernj M storj Housewives wants hot sex Adams Oregon 97810 al breeds are invited to part- in Pendleton with the May 19 icipate.

Much of the program will be devoted to records of production with emphasis on measuring the abilities of a bull to transmit his desirable qualities by testing and slaughtering his offspring in addition to weaning grades and weights. Area and national livestock leaders who will be appearing on the program will include: Henry Mafth'esscn, Jr.

Twelve members were present. Glover, president, was in charge ot tie worship program and business session. After the luncheon, Ray Moore showed colored pictures of Disneyland that were taken during a recent trip. Th group is working on articles for a spring bazaar.

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Raymond Haworth was the leader and discussed bills before he Legislature. Jessie Rlddlemoser of N'ampa was i guest. Trossie Clough of Payette and son, Ileyward, of Grangevllle, were among visitors a! Robert Brown Ihe past week. Another visitor was Mrs. Susie Larsen who has returned from a visil with her three sisters In California. Downend and Mr. Chris, tense n were among the guests al an open house In Boise for Mrs. Margaret Balch who celebrated.

Luke, chapter Busically It Is the story of the housewife Morlhn, who was si encumbered by her household chores and self- pity for not having helpl that she missed th? And read It to your husbands, too Our blessings upon this Doctor who took the time to write. I think this would be wonderful fur children, too.

It sure works. Du you know that this same thing works on soiled collars and cuffs? No more dark lines on my family's white shirts. I just rub the cleanser in with my fingers, and stick the shirts in the washing machine.

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Marie McClure Somr c l e n n s t r s contain blnich. I do not recMiimtiMl that you use hlrnfh on colored clothes or anything It's not ronip. Baby ran be strapped to the baby carrier or car seat, then lucked In. I make a fold nndernenth the cuff, hand baste it around, and tack it on the outside where the cuff is tacked. Believe me. It beats the old method of taking out the cuff, shortening the pants, and then putting the cuff back In.

I then grate them on my kitchen grater: fill a small pill vial with this soap, and keep it in my purse. If I am in a rest-room where there's no soap, I always have some in my purse. Seems like T always pick a rest-room that has run out of soap!

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I usually end up pu'Ung them back In the pipe rack. Then later when I am vacuuming. I pick up each pipe carefully and vacuum up Oie ashes which are naturally dry and safe by that lime I, His pipes are always nice and clean when he wants them again and I don't have nshes all over my floors from having dropped a. Mrs, S. It's fast, easy fc economical. Doctors say mosl constipation occurs when waste loses moisture in the colon--becomes dry, hard. To give relief, laxatives have to force action -- flush, irritate or distend the intestine. The new miracle s u b s t a n works in a completely different way.

It helps natural moisture in the colon soften dry, hard waste. Thus by working on waste, not on you.

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It is not habit-forming. No warning on the label--no prescription needed. Tell your dealer you want Bank of Idaho's convenient, low cost auto loan. You can always do better a t. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers. Learn how to enable it. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. You will need to enable cookies by changing your browser settings.

Housewives wants hot sex Adams Oregon 97810

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