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The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night heard testimony on a change in local law that would force shelters for women to accept biological males. The measure is in response to the Hope Center in downtown Anchorage, a Christian shelter which allows women to sleep shoulder to shoulder on mats on the floor, but does not permit biological males in the shelter, even if they identify as women. The Hope Center faced a complaint by a transgendered individual and successfully fought it in court, ultimately settling with the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission. People testified on both sides of the matter before the vote was taken.

One testifier said that because the Assembly had in a meeting appropriated funds for a transgender shelter for year-olds, it had established precedence that some people need specific safe spaces.

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The changes to Title 5 had already been through two work sessions but sets up the city for a lawsuit down the road, if a women in a shelter is attacked or traumatized by having to share space with a male. It appears the liberal Assembly is trying to push measures like this through before Dave Bronson is sworn In as mayor on July 1, when he would have the power to veto such changes.

Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in Bronson will not be able to get anything done, since the Communists have a veto proof majority not to mention control of the courts, the media, the ballot machines, etc.

He can veto all he wants, but if the assembly says everyone must put their pants on backward, it will pass. And predictably, the populace will obey if given ANY reason. It will be legally able to exclude anyone, for no reason at all, just like you can in your own home. Decentralized, much like how the early church was. At the moment my hopeful funding source is me winning Nebraska Powerball, or something equally unlikely.

No begging for donations. The world will be no worse off. You could find out where they live and set up a peaceful protest outside their home on public property letting them know how you feel. There should be a separate freak League for these people to play in. So we have boys high school sports girls high school sports and freaks high school sports and the same thing in college and in the Olympics.

Now they are going down the same path again? West Tank Farm? Nothing good will come from this. All while under the responsibility of the city and pocketbooks of the citizens. The only avenue left for abused, threatened or stalked women is the best one.

Learn gun safety and practice gun safety. Carry a gun at all times. Aim for center mass.

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Keep shooting until you feel safe, then reload. Sam Colt made all men and women equal. Please and thank you. At least SOME of those women are there because of domestic violence or worse — they have no right to a safe space away from any males?

The new mayor needs to rescind this stupidity by executive order before Anchorage gets sued by a rape victim. The Assembly heard some really well-thought out testimonies against the idea mixing biological males with biological females. All except Members Allard, Kennedy, and Wellington thoughtless heartless response was disgusting to watch. Chair Rivera made that preference very clear in his closing comments, He cares only for abused transgender men never considering the evil possibility of real men pretending they are a female just to get a free bed, hot meal, or worse a perpetrator getting inside to attack his victim all over again.

If a real male can dress up as a woman character for Halloween, then what stops him dressing up in costume for evil purposes?

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Remember too? It was the first shelter for abused women in Anchorage. These women took it upon themselves to raise the funds themselves to build the project by the community contributions. If these women could been this independent, then the LGBTQ anchorage community could be that independent to had independently raised the funds to build their own transgender shelter. This is clearly a war on biological women, whether sports or shelters, they keep getting punched. The sad part of all this is that American women, as a whole, have basically been friendly towards homosexuality and gender changing.

Now many probably see where this has gone and I hope they regret it. Are women strong or are they weak? Are they so fragile that they will fear half of the population because of life experience? If I said I was scared of black people because I was robbed, I would be called a racist, but we treat women like they are fragile children.

We allow them in the military when they cannot perform to the same standards as the men, look up the issues with why they keep changing the new PT test hint: almost no women can pass so it has to be changedwhich is stupid because war is the most demanding sport. The Olympics were a stand-in for war games and we have to create additional leagues to give women a chance to compete, as there are no rules preventing them from doing most male sports.

Do women want special treatment or do they want to be equal. I really hope they pass the equality act one day and prevent all special treatment for gender and race. Women will suddenly understand exactly how much they benefit from programs when the playing field is equal.

They will lose the benefits of things like lower insurance rates and having double the of scholarships available by gender. The Hope Downtown Soup Kitchen is doing a great job and at every turn is showing to government backed shelters systems how to do it right.

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This is that establishment upset that groups of social workers are not making big bucks off the homeless and less fortunate. Rather, the Soup Kitchen is showing how it should be done. The Anchorage Assembly, for the most part is not smart enough to figure out they are being duped and used.

They are clearly targeting this shelter because it is faith based and Christian in particular. They are bullies and cowards! I have in times past wondered how leftists could reason that something like the issue above had any validity whatsoever.

Anthony Daniels, a Britisher that I had an epiphany. Dalrymple explains that in his study of Communist Propaganda he came to the conclusion that its aim was not to persuade, convince or to inform. Its purpose was to humiliate Hope your woman enough to accept my Anchorage that the further it was from reality, the better. When you can force someone to remain silent in the face of such lies and even better for the Leftist, get them to repeat these obvious lies, they tend lose their sense of probity.

To assent to such a lie is to cooperate with evil, and perhaps for some to become evil themselves. Having swallowed the lies above one becomes emasculated and unable to resist the next round of lies and therefore is easier to control. Why do the leftist on the Anchorage Assembly hold women in such contempt? Especially these women who are in such a fragile state? I think it speaks volumes about who these Leftist Assembly members are and what their agenda is. If the Leftist really cared for the downtrodden, they would provide security and safety for the Women first and foremost, instead they use these poor women as political cannon fodder.

That is evil. It is unconstitutional to grant a greater amalgam of civil rights to trans people who desire to shelter overnight in close quarters with other genders especially traumatized women. Clearly this is a gain of a right to oppress. Court service and to court clerk with simple cover letter.

Serve the initiators and ers next week. Send to Magistrate, Office of Chief of Police, Federal District Attorney since breaking the US Constitution is a federal criminal offense and ask for urgent calendaring legislative review with legislature. We need to start making our servants able for legal only group public actions and petitioning our form of guaranteed government it calls itself a confederate republic work for the freemen of Alaska again.

Five Assembly seats are up for election next April. The majority of Woke Folk can be changed. Time to organize is now. The former representatives forfeit becoming public servants within. The US again.

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That is how our republic founders imagined this republic is supposed to respond and work for the people. The mayor can veto, but can easily be overridden by the Marxist super-majority. This needs to be fixed at the state level. I disagree. This is a war against religion. Very few individuals are capable of understanding, let alone following more than one religion at a time.

And in order to support their religion, they must destroy the established norms. The goal of most leftists is to make love of that State your primary relationship, all others secondary. Religion gets in the way, families get in the way.

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Two parent households get in the way. Heterosexual relationships get in the way. All of those might lead you to love another individual more than you love the State. Take into that the average leftist does not even realize they are moving toward that goal. They are convinced this is a fight for equality for all, and that disadvantaged individuals require protection under the law. Yet, the inevitable outcome of these actions is elevation of the State, not the individual.

The lawsuit will be forth coming.

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The assembly seems intent on violating the rights of every conservative organization that they can get to before July 1. We are equal to any man and can do any job a man can. This has nothing to do with PT tests administered by the military or anyone else.

Hope your woman enough to accept my Anchorage

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