Trojan War War between the Greeks and Trojans, lasting 10 years. It began when Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, kidnapped Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. When the Trojans refused to return her, the Greeks formed an army, led by Agamemnon, including Achilles, Odysseus and the two Ajaxes. Helen of Troy was the cause of the Trojan war described by Homer in Iliad and Helen, who stayed in history as Helen of Troy, met Paris who came with a. The Trojan War, fought between Greeks and the defenders of the city of Troy in The story of gods and heroic warriors is perhaps one of the richest single.


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Visit Website After the Trojan defeat, the Greeks heroes slowly made their way home. After his death, some sources say she was exiled to the island of Rhodes, where trojan war story vengeful war widow had her hanged.

The Trojan War (1)

It was a fateful decision since Thetis had warned him not to kill any sons of Apollolest he wants to be trojan war story by the god himself; just as forewarned, many years later, Apollo will get his revenge.

The Course of the War The Diplomatic Mission From Tenedos, the Greeks sent a diplomatic mission to Troy — probably consisting solely of Menelaus and Odysseusthough some say entailing Acamas and Diomedes as well — whose mission was to recover Helen by peaceful means.

The Trojans not only refused this, but they also threatened to kill the envoy and only the intervention of the Trojan elder Antenor saved the lives of Menelaus and Odysseus. The message was loud and clear: Protesilaus And so they did: However, everybody was now reluctant to land, as an oracle had once prophesized that the first Greek to step on Trojan soil would be the first one to die in the war.

Some say that Protesilaus took the initiative willingly and sacrificed himself for the sake of Greece, but others claim that he was tricked by Odysseus who announced that he would disembark first, but, circumvented the prophecy by stepping on his shield once ashore. The Nine-Year Siege of Troy The siege of Troy lasted for nine years, but the Trojans — able to maintain trade links with other Asian cities, in addition to getting constant reinforcements — firmly held their ground.

Near the end of the ninth trojan war story, the exhausted Achaean army mutinied and demanded to return home; Achilleshowever, boosted their morale and convinced them to stay a bit longer. Agamemnonwho had taken her as war booty and kept her to be his concubine, refused to give Chryseis back.

Trojan War - HISTORY

trojan war story Pressed by his armies, Agamemnon had no option but to return Chryseis to her father; however, so as to salvage his ego and reputation, he took Achilles ' concubine Briseis as his own.

Achillesinfuriated, retired to his hut and announced that he had no intention of fighting any longer — at least not as long as Agamemnon was trojan war story charge.

Patroclus Now that Achilles was out of the action, the Trojans started winning battle after a battle, eventually driving the Greeks back to their ships and almost setting the ships on fire. Their trojan war story boosted, the Achaeans successfully repelled the Trojan attack; ever the fearless warrior and never shying away from a duel, Hector barely spared a trojan war story before he ran in the direction of the man everyone thought was Achilles ; in the fight which followed, Hector managed to kill his opponent — only to realize that it had been Patroclus all along.

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The Victorious Return of Achilles Achillesmaddened with grief, trojan war story vengeance; with him back on the battlefield, the war took an entirely different course. After slaying a vast number of Trojans, Achilles eventually got the fight he wanted: They are essentially the product of a group process, and not compositions by an individual.

As it happens, the excavations at Troy since the last third of the nineteenth century and the discovery of the Hittite state archives have proved that a military conflict between Mycenaean Greece "Ahhiyawa" and the western vassal states of the Hittite Empire e.

Cypria Judgment of Paris; f. Hermes, Iris, Trojan war story, Athena, Aphrodite.


The goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all claim that they should have this object, and decide to ask the Trojan prince Paris to be the judge in their beauty contest. Paris is also known trojan war story Alexandros, a name that is probably related to the Alaksandus who trojan war story king of Troy between in the first half of the thirteenth century.


Paris can not make a choice, but Aphrodite promises him the most beautiful wife in the world, and the judge awards her the prize. Aphrodite now orders Paris to build a ship and sail trojan war story Greece, where the most beautiful woman in the world lives: Helen, wife trojan war story king Menelaus of Sparta.

During a big feast, Paris offers presents to his Greek hosts, but the king announces that he has to visit Crete, ordering his wife to furnish her guest with everything he might need.


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