There are many online sites that offer a free reading of tinkle comics You can read tinkle stories online. Read Tinkle Online For Free Tinkle. Tinkle is an Indian monthly magazine, published mainly in India. Originally owned by the India Book House, the Tinkle brand was acquired by. These books are whimsical, light reads. Not much to it but there pretty fun to flip through when I want to ready cheesy comics. My personal favorites are the.


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Tinkle Digest

Tinkle had a very special place in my book shelve during my school days. During long train journey, it was like the best friend who gave the best moments of that journey.


Vineet Nair Wai Knot: A kid from Bengaluru whose motto in life is, "don't tinkle comics ebooks why, ask why not? Brash, unapologetic and most of all incredibly strong-minded, Wai Knot, the new toon, stands out from Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, and other Tinkle toons.

True to tinkle comics ebooks name, Wai Knot always challenges those around him. He is inquisitive, be it his dad or his best friend Kia and often gets into trouble with his 'experiments'. An 8 year old girl named Buchki, along with her brother named Cyrus, encounters ghosts while staying with their grandmother, Didu, while their parents are in Japan.

They befriend their great great grandfather's ghost. Evergreen Stars[ edit ] Suppandi: Probably one of the most famous characters of the comics.

Tinkle Digest by Anant Pai

Amuses everyone with his stupidity. The faint hearted well renowned hunter, ends up being lauded for everything he did not achieve. Wild animals keep running into self made traps as he sleeps before them. An evil sinister tinkle comics ebooks minister who to dethrone the king, Raja Hooja by his clever plans.

The naive tinkle comics ebooks who loves Laddus trusts his minister more than anyone or anything in the world.


The plot revolves around failed attempts of the minister as all his plans invariably backfire. This plot seems to be based on the popular Iznogoud. Hodja is a witty man who is disliked tinkle comics ebooks many of his enemies.

Where can I get tinkle digest comics for free? - Quora

His rivals always try to put him in a spot, but Hodja turns the tables on them because of his true wit and cheeky ways, with the stories bearing a relationship to Birbal. These identical twins are about eight years of age and live in a middle-class home with their parents.

They always tinkle comics ebooks or confuse their parents with their juvenile and innocent questions or acts. Their episodes are small but very cute and charming. Four sisters who enjoy adventures. They have a father, Jagganath, nicknamed Jaggy who is a miser, and a mother, Bina.

Tinkle - Wikipedia

A small boy of five who uses his wit tinkle comics ebooks intelligence to get the better of every situation. An 8 year old happy-go-lucky boy, who renders people speechless with his wit. Adaptions[ edit ] Rather than being just comic book characters, some of the characters from Tinkle have been made into cartoons, movies and books.

This show aired urrently airs on Cartoon Network and Pogo, often having return in the same channels.


A series started inanimated videos featuring Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and the Defective Detectives were released tinkle comics ebooks Some of them included Coco as part of an advertising campaign with Kellogg's.

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