and Zderad, Parse, Watson and Meleis, based on the theory evaluation model and its DESCRITORES: Teoria de enfermagem; Filosofia em. Institut Guttmann is a hospital specialized in medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other. A partir de la elaboración de las teorías, la enfermería se define como de Paterson y Zderad, usando el modelo de análisis de Meleis.


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The sample was composed of 13 people teoria de meleis became dependent after a stroke and were admitted to two hospital units in the region of Vale do Ave, Portugal. Data were collected between January and October The second section focuses on a teoria de meleis range of core qualitative methods, from descriptive phenomenology, through to formal grounded theory and to ethnography, and narrative research.


They reflect a broader sense and provide relationships among abstract concepts. They have the highest level of abstraction and are not suitable to empirical tests6. Medium-range theories have a more limited sense, and with less abstraction power; they teoria de meleis to specific phenomena or concepts, reflecting clinical, administrative or educational practice.

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Such phenomena tend to cross nursing fields and care situations. They can be submitted to empirical tests, for the specificity of the concepts and are easily operationalized.

There is also the specific situation theory, focused on specific nursing phenomena, such as clinical practice, and limited to specific populations teoria de meleis a particular field of practice8.

The significant transitions in life, with changes in processes, roles or states, generate behavioral changes and a new teoria de meleis of each one in the social context8. In Nursing research, the Grounded Theory stands out as a methodological reference, for valuing the subjectivity of integral care.


It elucidates som events that occur in a given social context and groups of individuals, by understanding their teoria de meleis and knowledge generation, from the elaboration of a teoria de meleis based on data9, The adherence between the theoretical foundations of the Grounded Theory and the Theory of Transitions is recognized, as well as the potential of both theories to broaden the vision necessary for the nurses' qualification and performance, in researches and professional practice.

Thus, some basic questions have arisen: How are theoretical references interconnected and how do the potentiate the nursing research and care?

This study is justified by the need to socialize differentiated experiences in the knowledge production in nursing and health care.

One of the researcher's attributions is to present innovative ways of elaborating and producing researches, especially regarding the methodological path and the production of empirical data It is remarkable that the integration of these references comes from the object of a doctoral thesis, entitled: Giving meaning from the sexuality transitionality of the elderly person's spouse-caregiver in a dementia process to a therapeutic nursing carethrough the interaction of the experience meanings and the understanding of the different contexts, pointing to the apprehended phenomenon.

Therefore, the objective was to present a theoretical framework that allows the integration between the Theory of Transition and the Grounded Theory, as a reference for the research and nursing care.

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Theory of transition as a theoretical reference for nursing The Theory of Transitions, developed by Afaf Meleis, had its beginning after questions about the teoria de meleis of transitions in human experiences, developing as a concept for nursing in It was important to know how transitions were being used, in the conceptual perspective, in scientific nursing productions, developing the theoretical framework of transitions 8.

Transitions are closely linked to life cycle events.


Due to the variety of aspects, they are related to nursing care, in what concerns to the prevention and intervention in events, so that nurses have a renewed focus on care, as well as a reaffirmation of the theories already applied and the creation of new ones In nursing, the transition is an expressive focus to be considered, since the nurse assists individuals to go through various situations and to adapt themselves to the effects of transitions For nursing, to understand the changes experienced by individuals and the resources they use, facilitate the development of healthier coping strategies.

Thus, the transitions belong to the domain of the nursing subject, when they relate to health and disease, or when their responses are manifested by health-related behaviors It is expected that the subjects' stability in relationships and social roles in the experienced event, is the expression of their own redefinition.

By expressing the sense of beginning, middle and end, this theory is classified as interactionist, because teoria de meleis focuses human care on the interaction between nurse and individual8.

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Mastery is defined as the goal of healthy transitions, demonstrated by behaviors, feelings, signs and symbols associated with new functions. The components of the theoretical model for the transition analysis and establishment of nursing therapeutics include types and patterns of transitions, experience properties, facilitating and inhibiting conditions, response patterns process and outcome indicators and teoria de meleis therapy Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice: An International Journal, 12 1 Immigrant transitions and health care: Nursing Outlook, 45 1p.

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