“Sincerity and Authenticity” can read like a Commonplace Book, where thoughts remain pensées —though by one of the truly cultured scholars. Sincerity and Authenticity is the title of an obscure book based on Trilling's lectures at Harvard University, as the Charles Eliot Norton. Sincerity and Authenticity is a book by Lionel Trilling, based on a series of lectures he delivered in as Charles Eliot Norton Professor at Harvard  Author‎: ‎Lionel Trilling.


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In the wake of the financial crisis ofinvestors and other consumers of financial services care a great deal about "authenticity. Authenticity, today, is a differentiator.

Sincerity and Authenticity by Lionel Trilling

That's true in business generally, but it's particularly true in financial services Investors and consumers of financial services are also communicating and transacting more than ever before through digital channels, including social networks, although regulatory constraints continue to limit the ability of financial firms to communicate digitally with their clients as much as their clients would like.

The challenge is this: How do you convey or project authenticity through social media channels? How do you project a commitment to being "true to yourself" through channels which are all about connecting, being social, having as many "followers" or "connections" as possible.

Whatever the answer, at this early stage, it is apparent that there are already two selves: We have been split in two. Is one authentic and sincerity and authenticity other not?

Sincerity and Authenticity in Social Media

Can both be authentic? It is implicit that authenticity requires one self and a degree of comfort with this self. The moment you have two sincerity and authenticity more selves, you have scope for conflict and confusion and inauthenticity.

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Trilling then focuses on the implications of multiple selves or inauthenticity. These "impersonations" are insincere and cause us to lose personal integrity and dignity.

Sincerity and Authenticity — Lionel Trilling | Harvard University Press

The second aspect is that Diderot suspends judgement on the morality of this loss of sincerity and authenticity. It is not shown to be a negative. Hegel permits both selves to co-exist, and so posits the "self-estranged spirit" or the "self in self-estrangement". The one self is an honest soul or noble self, the other a base self.

Together, they constitute a "disintegrated consciousness".


The self is "alienated" from itself. It needs the base self in sincerity and authenticity to express a negative relation with the external power of society.

The two selves, together, are both needed for the Spirit to move to the next stage of development. The two selves oppose an integrated selfhood in order to advance towards "a higher level of conscious life". Sincerity and authenticity, both selves, and therefore, their alienation from each other, are required for the development of the Spirit.

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