The ring spinning machine was first invented in by the American Thorp. In , another American scientist, Jenk, contributed the traveler rotating on the. The ring spinning machine G 32 complements Rieter's ring spinning technology for standard applications. The textile-technological functions of the mill-proven. The commonly used, time-tested spinning technique, ring spinning is one of oldest machine oriented spinning techniques used for staple fiber spinning.


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Efficient textile machine solutions

Fales and Jenks, revealed a new ring spinning machine free spindle also designed by Rabbeth, and also named the Rabbeth spindle. From to this was the standard spindle, and William Draper spent much of his time in court defending this patent. The ring frame was reliable for coarser counts while Lancashire spun fine counts as well.

The ring frame was heavier, requiring structural alteration in the mills and needed more power.

Ring spinning - Wikipedia

These were not problems in the antebellum cotton industry in New England. It fulfilled New England's difficulty in finding skilled spinners: In the main the requirements on the two continents were different, and the ring frame was not the method of choice for Europe at that moment.

After a fact-finding tour to the States by his agent Blakey, he started to work on improving the frame. It ring spinning machine still too primitive to compete with the highly developed mule frames, let alone supersede them. He first started on improving the doubling frame, constructing ring spinning machine necessary tooling needed to improve the precision of manufacture.

An Overview of Ring Spinning Machine/Ring Frame - Textile Learner

This was profitable and machines offeringspindle were purchased by a sewing thread manufacturer. The principal cause for concern was the design of the Booth-Sawyer spindle. The bobbin did not fit tightly on the spindle and vibrated wildly at higher speeds. Another problem was ballooning, ring spinning machine the thread built up in an uneven manner.

This was addressed ring spinning machine Furniss and Young of Mellor Bottom Mill, Mellor by attaching an open ring to the traverse or ring rail. Higher the yarn count, lower will be the traveler weight.


If the spindle speed is high, then the yarn tension will be high. So lighter traveler should be used to minimize tension. For same spindle speed and count, with the increase of ring diameter yarn tension as well as frictional ring spinning machine increases.

So traveler should be lighter. When empty bobbin dia decreases, winding angle decreases resulting a higher yarn tension. So a light traveler should be used.

Ring spinning

If the lift of bobbin increases yarn tension will be higher. Thus one meter of yarn contains between and 2, twists. The weighting arm is required to allow different loads to be set on the top rollers. Normally this is achieved by helical springs which can be adjusted mechanically in steps.

Ring spinning machine, the distances between the rollers have to be adjustable.

Ring Spinning Machine at Best Price in India

It is the process of further drawing out roving to the final yarn count needed, inserting twist to the fibres by means of a rotating spindle and winding the yarn on a bobbin.

These three stages take place simultaneously and continuously. Ring spinning machine mechanically driven spindle, on which the yarn package firmly sits, is responsible for a twist.

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