Raven: Blood Eye is a Viking adventure, set in ninth-century England and marks the debut of English / Norwegian author Giles Kristian. For two years Osric has. The first book in a thrilling Viking trilogy that launched the career of acclaimed historical novelist Giles Kristian - who's now confronting the tumult and devastation. Blood Eye has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: ”As if conjured from the spirit world, a dragon emerged, a wooden beast with a belly of clinke.


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One of those 'poor mood matches' for me was Giles Kristian's Raven: I always felt that when I read this raven blood eye in October it was a case of wrong time, wrong place. On paper, it should have been a perfect fit.

Blood Eye (Raven #1) by Giles Kristian

I love classy, intelligently written historical fiction. I love classy, intelligently written raven blood eye and journey historical fiction. But most of all, I love classsy, intelligently written Viking or Norse historical fiction.

Blood Eye checked every one of those boxes.

Giles Kristian

So why did it not click with me in ? It is, after all, a well written book. The writing surprisingly skilful raven blood eye a debut.

I liked the setting, the characters, the era and yet my lasting memory of the book was that it was chapter after chapter of 'walking and thinking' or 'walking and talking' or 'sitting and thinking' or 'sitting and talking'.

  • Raven: Blood Eye by Giles Kristian book review

And not much else. Not exactly a blast, according to my self. Boy, was I wrong. Didn't I say raven blood eye Blood Eye I read this time had so much more going for it than I first assumed.

RAVEN:BLOOD EYE | Bernard Cornwell

It has adventure, not only journey and that surprised me. I have no idea why I did not notice it the first time around. The book is rich in historical detail and raven blood eye out with a robust norse culture and character.

I once compared it to Bernard Cornwell's and Robert Low's Viking offerings, but in actuality, it is nothing at all like Bernard Cornwell's Saxon books and shares more commonalities with Robert Low's Oathsworn books. For all these reasons I now think the book deserves 4 stars out raven blood eye 5.


There was still room for improvement in regards to plot and characters, but I have bought the next two books in the trilogy and we will see what Giles Kristian does with those. That raven blood eye stars for a Kristian Raven trilogy book may still be on the horizon.


Since the debut was so good I kind of expect the next books to be even better. I also wrote a review of it when I read it in and now that I have shared my newfound affection for the raven blood eye inlet me pull you into my time machine and whisk you back to October To set the scene.

Raven: Blood Eye by Giles Kristian

I had just read a book called Raven: Blood Eye and I had just given it a weak 3 star out of 5 rating. Please note firstly that I was not as wordy back in and perhaps you will think I should take a lesson from that. Blood Eye is an historical fantasy novel told in the first person; a riveting tale of quest and conflict recounted in memoir style by Raven Osric ; a boy who is feared and shunned by all he meets, a boy whose memory only stretches back two years.

Living in ninth-century England, the blood clot that makes his left eye appear red makes him a pariah in his local community. The book's prologue sets up Raven's character nicely and throws up questions that we hope this book and its sequels will answer: I do not even know raven blood eye birth name.

And yet, perhaps it says much about my life that my earliest memories are stained red.

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