Nicholas Steno: Principios de estratigrafía: – Principio de la Superposición – Principio de la Horizontalidad Original – Principio de la Continuidad lateral. Las flechas indican primera o última aparición de un taxón. Basado en Vera Torres, J. A. . Estratigrafía. Principios y métodos. Madrid: Ed. Aplicación de técnicas avanzadas para el registro y la documentación estratigráfica en arqueología. Joaquín Aguilar Camacho, Gabriel Granado Castro, José.


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Pedologic horizons are products of soil development pedogenesis that occurred subsequent to formation of the lithostratigraphic, allostratigraphic, or lithodemic unit or units on which the buried soil was formed; these units principios estratigraficos the parent materials in which pedogenesis occurred.

Pedologic horizons are recognized in the field by diagnostic features such as color, soil structure, organicmatter accumulation, texture, clay coatings, stains, or concretions. Micromorphology, particle size, clay mineralogy, and other properties determined in the laboratory also may be used to identify and distinguish pedostratigraphic units.


The lower boundary of a pedostratigraphic unit is the lowest definite physical principios estratigraficos of a pedologic horizon within a buried soil profile. The stratigraphic position of a pedostratigraphic unit is determined by its relation to overlying and underlying stratigraphic units see Remark d.

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Consequently, extension of a pedostratigraphic unit is accomplished by lateral tracing of the contact between a buried soil and an overlying, formally defined lithostratigraphic or allostratigraphic unit, or between principios estratigraficos soil and two or more demonstrably correlative stratigraphic units.

The organic deposits are not products of pedogenesis, and therefore, O horizons are not included in a pedostratigraphic unit Figure 6 ; they may be classified as biostratigraphic or lithostratigraphic units. Pedologic soils also include the entire C horizon of a soil.

The C horizon in pedology is not rigidly defined; it is merely the part of a soil profile that underlies the B horizon.


The base of the C horizon in many soil profiles is gradational or unidentifiable; principios estratigraficos it is placed arbitrarily. The need for clearly defined and easily recognized physical boundaries for a stratigraphic principios estratigraficos requires that the lower boundary of a pedostratigraphic unit be defined as the lowest definite physical boundary of a pedologic horizon in a buried soil profile, and part or all of the C horizon may be excluded from a pedostratigraphic unit.

A pedostratigraphic unit may be based on the pedologic horizons of a buried soil developed in the product of in-situ weathering, such as saprolite. The parents of such a pedostratigraphic unit are both the saprolite and, indirectly, the rock from which it formed.

Parte 7 de The different criteria applied require different techniques, materials or principios estratigraficos of intervention.

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However, principios estratigraficos these exhumations always made for legitimate reasons? Never before has a single volume examined the context of motivations and interests behind these pursuits, each chapter enlightening the political, social and legal aspects of mass crime and its aftermaths.

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