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Pool-heater-vs-solar-blanket, learn how a liquid solar cover helps keep your pool warm, how liquid solar blankets work, if they heat your pool, and other questions vs. solar blankets or heaters.. My main issue is prolonging my swimming season as long as i can. i was going to buy a solar cover and build a reel and all that, but then thought a solar panel would be just as cheap. is there an advantage to one over the other in terms of heating? pump run time is a non issue. thanks. jonathan, swimming pool heaters, solar blankets and heat pumps help extend the swimming season by keep your pool water a constant temperature. see our complete line of heaters, heat pumps and solar heaters for above ground and in ground pool applications..

Solar pool heater vs. electric heat pump: which is best in florida? august 28, 2013. let’s cut to the chase. you’ve got a pool and need that bad boy heated so you can enjoy the pool more year round. let’s cut to the chase. you’ve got a pool and need that bad boy heated so you can enjoy the pool more year round., very often at swift solar we get asked which is better to heat your pool? would it be best to have rubber solar panels installed or are the clients better off by purchasing a pool heater (or as we often call it, a heat pump) swift solar decided to list a few pros and cons of both products in an attempt to highlight the differences and how they may play a role in getting your pool heated..

Solar pool covers are less expensive than thermal pool blankets, costing in the range of $150 to a little over $1,000 depending on the size of your pool and the thickness of the cover.. sometimes referred to as bubble covers since they resemble bubble wrap packaging, they are made from lightweight, translucent polythene or polypropylene., i’ve been trying to find relative comparisons between solar covers and thermal blankets. i haven’t been able to find any studies that compare the pros/cons of each as it relates to attaining a desired water temperature and keeping it at that level and total cost of each (cost of cover, energy used by heat pump) assuming a heat pump is used..

You can read more in our article on pool pump heaters.. so, how do you choose one over the other? when it comes to deciding between solar pool heating verse heat pump heating, it all depends, as with so many things in life, on what you want and what you’ve got in your wallet., plastic solar blankets vs liquid pool covers: conclusion. by monique nelson on june 1st, 2013. 11. we've looked at many factors that most consumers will consider when faced with a decision on whether to purchase a traditional plastic solar blanket for their pool, or to whether to opt for the less well-known liquid pool cover option..

/ the best solar pool cover reviews. the best solar pool cover reviews. january 1, 2020 by george miller. updated: jan 01, 2020. when the nights get longer and the air gets cooler, the water temperature in your pool also goes down. this means the time to enjoy swimming in your pool is over.