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What if there is an intelligent, creative consciousness informing those forms with which we can engage?

What if there is another constituency, persoonlijk leiderschap non-physical, non-human constituency with which we can creatively engage and which represents a league of allies persoonlijk leiderschap any previously called into the challenge that lies before us. These are questions that follow on naturally if we learn to know about what happened in Findhorn in the sixties.


We persoonlijk leiderschap sustain our gaze, adding our voice and energy to the process or we can choose to inhabit a favourite abyss, persoonlijk leiderschap it panic, paralysis, denial or despair. Now that it is clear that the Earth will warm up until at least 3 degrees centigrade with all its disastrous consequences, we run the risk, out of impotence, to look away and become indifferent.

However, that is not necessary because we can learn how to be able to deal with this treat in a human and creative way.

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This passage is still up-to-date. Sustaining our gaze also entails being willing to be open to unorthodox ideas and persoonlijk leiderschap, staying open to the seemingly impossible.

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