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The colors used, of both the image and the icon background, should stand out on different system backgrounds. The detailing of the icon image needs to be simple, remaining recognizable in varying graphical resolutions and screen sizes. Computer icons are by definition language-independent; they do not rely on letters or words to convey their meaning.

pdf icon png alphabet

These visual parameters place rigid limits on the design of icons, frequently requiring the skills of a graphic artist in their development. Because of their condensed size and versatility, computer icons have become a mainstay of user interaction with electronic media.

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Icons also provide rapid entry into the system functionality. On most systems, users can create and delete, replicate, select, click or double-click standard computer icons and drag them to new positions on the screen to create a customized user environment.

Examples of these are the power symbol and the USB icon, which are found on a pdf icon png alphabet variety of electronic devices.

The standardization of electronic icons is an important safety-feature on all types of electronics, enabling a user to more easily navigate an unfamiliar system. As a subset of electronic devices, computer systems and mobile devices use many of the same icons; they are incorporated into the design of both the computer hardware and on the software.

On the hardware, these icons identify the functionality of specific buttons and plugs.


These warning icons, first designed to regulate automobile traffic in the early s, have become standardized and widely understood by users without necessity of further verbal explanations.

In designing software operating systems, different companies have incorporated and defined these standard symbols as part of their graphical user interface.

Another organization invested in the promotion of effective icon usage is pdf icon png alphabet ICT information and communications technologieswhich has published guidelines for the creation and use of icons.

Icon (computing) - Wikipedia

Desktop metaphor icons[ edit ] A second type of hyperlink icon represents objects common in a physical office space and desktop environment. It includes the pdf icon png alphabet icons used for a file, file folder, trashcan, inbox, together with the spatial real estate of the screen, i.

This model originally enabled users, familiar with common office practices and functions, to intuitively navigate the computer desktop and system.


Desktop Metaphor, pg 2. The icons stand for objects or functions accessible on the system, and enable the user to do tasks common to an office space.

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These desktop computer icons developed over several decades; data files in the s, the hierarchical storage system i. A Creative Programming Environment". Smith envisioned a scenario in which "visual entities", called icons, could execute lines of programming code, and save the operation for later re-execution.

Smith later served as one of the principal designers of the Xerox Starwhich became the first commercially available personal computing system based on pdf icon png alphabet desktop metaphor when it was released in This model of the desktop metaphor has been adopted by most personal computing systems in the last decades of the 20th century; it remains popular as a "simple intuitive navigation by single user on single system.

In this new model, data and tools are no longer stored on the single system, instead they are stored someplace else, "in the cloud". The cloud metaphor is replacing the desktop model; it remains to be seen how many of the common desktop icons file, file folder, trashcan, inbox, filing cabinet find a place in this new metaphor.

Brand icons for commercial software[ edit ] A further type of computer icon is the brand icon of commercial third-party software programs available on the computer system. These brand icons are bundled pdf icon png alphabet their product and installed on a system with the software.

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