is delivered more or less free on demand, as the French writer Paul Valéry (–) anticipated in a text titled “The Conquest of Ubiquity. PDF: Folder avec les MP3. Buy EUPALINOS OR THE ARCHITECT 1st English Language Edition. by Paul Valery (ISBN:) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.


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Eupalinos and the Duck: Conceptualism in Recent Architecture Globalism in its Mobilized Form Mobility in architecture means to mobilize—money, above all—on behalf paul valery eupalinos the immobile: While the nineteenth century was preoccupied with time, evolution, cycles, and halt, the twentieth century was concerned with space—so much so that time became but one possible representation of a distribution of elements in space.

Exceptions are rare and expensive.

Eupalinos, or the architect by Paul Valéry, translated by William McCausland Stewart, reviewed.

Mobilization paul valery eupalinos to the immobile what the internet is to the architect who actually sits in an immobile position in front of the screen: Matter, space, and time are not what they used to be, and their reincarnations affect all sorts of techniques and technical processes.

This has transformed the ways artworks are transmitted and reproduced, making them ubiquitous—not only do artworks exist in themselves, they can also be recreated wherever the appropriate apparatus is available.


Shun Hing Square tower by K. Cheung Design Associates, Shenzen, Already completed in the nineties, the Shun Hing Square tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world that was built at an astonishing speed of four floors in nine days.

Yet, it is a mind genuinely concerned with the transformations and great conflicts of the twentieth century. Following paul valery eupalinos the steps of Friedrich Nietzsche, he watches reality enter the era of complexities and pluralities, or—to use his own term—the era of multiplicities.

In this, the integral vision of the world paul valery eupalinos out to be obsolete, and can only be compensated by multiple observations from multiple perspectives.

I was seeing in my mind the market, the stock exchange, the Occidental bazaars for the exchange of phantasms.

Eupalinos and the Duck: Conceptualism in Recent Architecture - Journal #28 October - e-flux

I was occupied with the wonders of the transitory, and its astonishing duration, with the force of paradox, with the resistance of worn-out things. Abstract struggles took the form of a sorcery of devils. Fashion and eternity collared each other.

The retrograde and the advanced were contesting at what point to occur. Novelties, even new ones, were giving birth to very old consequences. Paul valery eupalinos silence had elaborated was cried for sale.

Still paul valery eupalinos and confused, it was seized with terror, disgust, despair, and frightful curiosity, contemplating the ideal spectacle of this immense activity called intellectual. As such, they participate in extreme forms of mobility, instability, and arbitrary pricing; paradox and spectacle are common features of this novel dynamic.

Spiritual values take the biggest hit: I have said value, because there is paul valery eupalinos, judgment of importance, and because there is a discussion of price, which we are prepared to pay for this value: All of these rising and falling values constitute the grand market of human affairs.

Among them, the unfortunate value of mind does not cease to fall. They are valuable only in relation to difference, and are therefore volatile. They are also mobilized, because they are subject to temporal, unstable, and contingent determinations that are cancelled as soon as they are fixed.

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