The clean-up of a contaminated fishing community in Nigeria has finally started, almost 10 years after two oil spills in Niger River Delta. In and , Royal Dutch Shell's year-old pipeline ruptured and spilled millions of litres of crude oil into the creeks and shores of Bodo. Nigeria, one of the world's most oil-rich countries, has a history of catastrophic oil spills that have wreaked havoc on the environment and local. Oil spills in Nigeria: health risks and environmental degradation. Oil spill in Niger Delta. Emem Edoho, President of the Children Strategy for Disaster Risk.


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If oil directly affects any organism within an ecosystem, it can indirectly affect a host of other organisms.

These floral communities rely on nutrient cyclingclean water, sunlight, and proper substrates. With ideal conditions they offer habitat structure, oil spillage in nigeria input of energy via photosynthesis to the organisms they interact with.

The effects of petroleum spills on mangroves are known to acidify the soils, halt cellular respirationand starve roots of vital oxygen. These areas may not be suitable for any native plant growth until bacteria and microorganisms can remediate the conditions.

A particular species of mangrove, Rhizophora racemosa lives higher in the delta system. As the soils supporting R.

Oil Spill Data | Shell Nigeria

This invasive species has a shallower root system that destabilizes the banks along the waterways, further affecting sediment distribution lower in the delta system. In places where N.

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  • Long-term effects of oil spills in Bodo, Nigeria

These systems are highly valued by the indigenous people living in the affected areas. Mangrove forests have been a major source of wood for local people. They also are important to a variety of species vital to subsistence practices for local indigenous groups, oil spillage in nigeria unfortunately see little to none of the economic benefits of petroleum.

Nigeria Oil Spills Double Risk of Infant Mortality, Research Shows

Mangroves also provide essential habitat for rare and endangered species like the manatee and pygmy hippopotamus. Poor oil spillage in nigeria decisions oil spillage in nigeria the allocation of petroleum revenue has caused political unrest in Nigeria.

The future for mangrove forests and other floral communities is not all negative. Local and outside groups have provided funds and labor to remediate and restore the destroyed mangrove swamps. The federal government of Nigeria established the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC in which aims to suppress the environmental and ecological impacts petroleum has had in the region.

Nigeria oil spills: Shell begins clean-up after 10-year delay

Governmental and nongovernmental organizations have also utilized technology to identify the source and movement of petroleum spills. Fishing needs to be limited along the Niger River and aquacultures should be created to provide for the growing demand on the fishing industry.

Aquaculture allows for fish to be farmed for production and provide more jobs for the local people of Nigeria. Overfishing is not oil spillage in nigeria only impact on marine communities.

Climate change, habitat loss, and pollution are all added oil spillage in nigeria to these important ecosystems.

Long-term effects of oil spills in Bodo, Nigeria | | Al Jazeera

The banks of the Niger River are desirable and ideal locations for people to settle. It is common in Bodo village to see oil spillage in nigeria living in a skeleton structure of a house that has no roof, windows or doors and even has walls missing. Joyful, who learned how to pick periwinkles at the age of eight, says her younger sisters aren't allowed to pick the snails.

The oil has contaminated water and gives them sinus problems.

'Absolutely shocking': Niger Delta oil spills linked with infant deaths

The lasting effects of the spill mean they must oil spillage in nigeria much longer distances to get to the periwinkles. She says that before the spill the periwinkles were five times as big as the ones she picks now, and they used to came back with buckets full of snails.


The team comprises representatives of SPDC, regulators, government security agencies, state governments and communities sometimes with local NGOs as observers. In the case of operational spills, it also pays compensation to people and communities impacted by the spill.

Once clean-up and remediation are completed, the work is inspected, and if satisfactory, approved and certified by Federal Government of Nigeria regulator National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency. Share via Email This article is over 1 oil spillage in nigeria old A gas flare is seen in the background as a pregnant woman dries tapioca near Utorogu flow station in Warri, southern Nigeria.

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