New Watch has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Here's the fifth volume in Lukyanenko's Watch series about the precarious truce between Light a. The new watch / Sergei Lukyanenko ; translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield. View the summary of this work. Bookmark: Walking the streets of our cities are the Others. These men and women have access to the Twilight, a shadowy parallel world of magical power that exists.


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Taking the latter first, we get a Russian perspective not only on modern Moscow, but on London and Taipei as well.

I find this interesting - what does a Russian find remarkable about London and Britain in general? How does that differ from native views and from the views of other new watch lukyanenko visitors? And such Russian views are quite rare - not much contemporary Russian fiction gets translated and published here.

The New Watch

He's been through a lot and gets put through more here - and it's interesting to see him being contrasted with the new young members of the Watch who are going through similar moral and motivational crises to those he endured in his youth.

Which is the main reason why I think it's better to start at the beginning of the series rather than jump in here. Before meeting Anton during the events of Twilight WatchLas was a human who owned an apartment in the Assol living complex.

In his free time, he wrote songs and played them with his bass guitar while standing on the window of his apartment. During the encounter between Anton and Kostya Saushkin he witnessed, he was turned into a Light Other by Kostya, who used the book of Fuaran to perform the ritual.

Since then, Las has been appointed in the Moscow Night Watch. During the events of New Watch, Las has an argument with Anton about the purpose of protecting people throughout the world from Dark Others when they find reasons to cause great unhappiness themselves, and says that Anton has risen himself above new watch lukyanenko normal people and that he couldn't live as a normal human for even a couple of hours, to which Anton blocks his abilities for one day to prove Las wrong.

Semyon - A First-level Light Mage who is experienced in many things that other Others usually learn new watch lukyanenko magic usage.

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His age, knowledge, and experience give him a cynical look on the world. Despite this, he's still in the Moscow Night Watch, most commonly performing the job of the Watch's designated driver.

During the events of New Watch, Semyon openly confronts Anton about his relationship with his wife, Svetlana, advising him to start changing their friendly feelings toward one another, so as the relationship doesn't break apart due to the lack of the love that the two had before Nadya was born.

He was also assigned to initiate Kesha Tolkov into new watch lukyanenko Night Watch after Anton accidentally found him. New watch lukyanenko of Gesar's kindness of turning his Alisher's father from a mentally challenged person to an intelligent person, Alisher felt it was his duty to swear his own loyalty to Gesar as thanks for turning his father into a normal person, despite the spell was not permanent.

In New Watch, he was present in the Night Watch headquarters when the confrontation with the Tiger emerged, and helped the other Grand Others in slowing him down while Kesha spoke out his first prophecy.

Valentine "Valya" Loktev - A Fourth-level Light Mage who drained the joy of humans during a concert new watch lukyanenko order to remoralize the entire Moscow new watch lukyanenko, from the president, all the way down to the janitor.

He used the Sphere of Denial spell in order to prevent anyone in interfering with him while he's draining the power from the surrounding people.

The New Watch (Night Watch , book 5) by Sergei Lukyanenko

Anton, who joined his co-workers in this event, hit him on new watch lukyanenko head with a baton, disappointed that the young mage did not use a simple Mage's Shield, since the Sphere of Denial only blocks all magical attacks, and not physical ones.

Anna Tikhonovna - A Light Other whose level has not been written in any of the books. She's employed as a teacher to the newcoming students of the Moscow New watch lukyanenko Watch.


During the events of all the books she has a minor role, although her role in New Watch is a bit more relevant than in the other books, since she was the only one who knew the exact address of Erasmus Darwin. His friend, Lee, was a prophet who the Tiger was new watch lukyanenko in the past.

To prove to the Tiger that the two would never tell the prophecy to anyone, people or Other, they arranged that Fan is offered as a tribute by Lee.

But Lee tricked Fan into the exact opposite - Fan sacrificed Lee. Wen Yang is considered a homosexual when it comes to his relationship with his deceased friend.


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