Multibeam Echo Sounders are used to determine water depth - we provide Kongsberg Echo Sounders, Tritech Echo Sounders and more at Unique Group. Multi-Beam Echo Sounders offer the hydrographic surveyor the ability to measure and record seabed bathymetry over a wide swath beneath the survey vessel. The multibeam echo sounders available on the market are constantly evolving as technology advances and as sonar producers seek new ways of refining and.


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A multibeam system sends out an array of sound pulses in a fan shape and returns depths from underneath the multibeam echo sounder and from either side as well. Multi-beam Echosounders The evolution of multi-beam echo sounders MBES is leading to systems multibeam echo sounder enhanced capabilities in their traditional markets, but also provides features to allow the expansion of their use into new areas and applications.

Multibeam Echosounders | Hydro International

This short review highlights some of the features o Smaller, portable systems can be operated on a small launch or tender vessel unlike the older systems that required multibeam echo sounder time and effort to multibeam echo sounder to a ship's hull.

Some multibeam echosounders such as the Teledyne Odom MB2 also incorporate a motion sensor at the face of the acoustic transducer, allowing even faster installation on small vessels.

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  • Multibeam Echo Sounders

Multibeam echosounders like this are multibeam echo sounder many smaller hydrographic survey companies to move from traditional single beam echosounders to swath systems. Multibeam data includes bathymetry, acoustic backscatter, and water column data.

The Multi-beam echosounder is now a very useful tool for the environmental surveyor who can use the system for environmental surveys and habitat mapping of the seabed. Real-time software Our multibeam echo sounders are operated from a graphic display workstation. Our real-time software includes extensive tools for visualising the sounding data as well as the multibeam echo sounder image data, and to check the system calibration and the data quality.


Preliminary maps can be produced and plotted almost immediately after a multibeam echo sounder is finished. Apart from Interferometric Multibeam systems Nautikaris also has a line-up of two Multibeam systems.

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