Manifesto surrealista di Andrè Breton/illustrazione Renè Magritte MANIFESTO. OF. SURREALISM. BY. ANDRÉ BRETON. . So strong is the belief in life, in what is most fragile in life – real life, I mean – that in the end this. In his Surrealist Manifesto, Breton defined Surrealism as “Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express the actual functioning of  Missing: surrealista ‎| ‎Must include: ‎surrealista.


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This phrase echoes Breton's apprehension of Surrealism manifesto surrealista 1924 the juxtaposition of "two distant realities" united to create a new one. The manifesto was written with a great deal of absurdist humor, demonstrating the influence of the Dada movement which preceded it.

The text concludes by asserting that Surrealist activity follows no set plan or conventional pattern, and that Surrealists are ultimately nonconformists. Automatism and Dreams Discover how Surrealist artists tapped the creative potential of the subconscious mind.

Surrealist Objects and Assemblage Discover how everyday objects, arranged unexpectedly, became triggers for unlocking the subconscious mind.

Surrealism and the Body See how the Surrealists explored the human form and manifesto surrealista 1924 desires. Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality.

There remains madness, "the madness that one locks up," manifesto surrealista 1924 it has aptly been described. That madness or another….

We all know, in fact, that manifesto surrealista 1924 insane owe their incarceration to a tiny number of legally reprehensible acts and that, were it not for these acts their freedom or what we see as their freedom would not be threatened. I am willing to admit that they are, to some degree, victims of their imagination, in that it induces them not to pay attention to certain rules — outside of which the species feels threatened — which we are all supposed to know and respect.


But their profound indifference to the way in which we judge them, and manifesto surrealista 1924 to the various punishments meted out to them, allows us to suppose that they derive a great deal of comfort and consolation from their imagination, that they enjoy their madness sufficiently to endure the thought that its validity does not extend beyond themselves.

And, indeed, hallucinations, illusions, etc. I could spend my whole life prying loose the secrets of the insane.


Christopher Columbus should have set manifesto surrealista 1924 to discover America with a boatload of madmen. And note how this madness has taken shape, and endured.

It is not the fear of madness which will oblige us to leave the flag of imagination furled.

The case against the realistic attitude demands to be examined, following the case against the materialistic attitude. The latter, more manifesto surrealista 1924 in fact than the former, admittedly implies on the part of man a kind of monstrous pride which, admittedly, is monstrous, but not a new and more complete decay.

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It should above all be viewed as a welcome reaction against certain ridiculous tendencies of spiritualism. Finally, it is not incompatible with a certain nobility of thought.

By contrast, the realistic attitude, inspired by positivism, from Saint Thomas Aquinas to Anatole France, clearly seems to me to be hostile to any intellectual or moral advancement.

I loathe it, for it is made up of mediocrity, hate, manifesto surrealista 1924 dull conceit.

Surrealist Manifesto - Wikipedia

It is this attitude which today manifesto surrealista 1924 birth to these ridiculous books, these insulting plays. The activity of the best minds feels the effects of it; the law of the lowest common denominator finally prevails upon them as it does upon the others.

Manifesto surrealista 1924 amusing result of this state of affairs, in literature for example, is the generous supply of novels.

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