Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , Ioan Roxin and others published Écosystème de l'Internet des Objets. Today the Internet is host to billions of connections and exchanges. As a result it is the most powerful tool for information-sharing that has ever been invented. Nous les aidons à communiquer avec des «objets» difficiles à atteindre, à l'aide d'un spectre radio sous licence et de notre architecture réseau supérieure.


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This system promotes different standards, including an identification system.

L’Internet des objets - Foreword - Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme

EPCglobal has also designed several generations of solutions, and it currently supports the development of the Class-1 Gen-2 ISO certified since With this type of solution, it is theoretically possible to read RFID chips per second and at least chips per second in hostile environments.

These chips can be inscribed at a speed of 30 chips per second in optimal conditions, and 5 chips per second in l internet des objets hostile environment.


The frequency adopted is MHz. EPCglobal has l internet des objets implemented a network based on Internet technologies, as will be shown below. A combination of technologies 6 The consequences of this complexity in the organization of the market and production will be examin Interoperability between the integration systems of all the components induces a high level of complexity.

The capacity to manage the interfaces will be a determining factor for the IoT to become a true network of networks.

Supermarket distribution is a perfect example of both the potential of the IoT and the difficulty of implementing this type of system.

Fiche sur les politiques publiques: L’Internet des objets | Internet Society

In addition, in order to fully reap the benefits of this type of infrastructure, suppliers must be equipped with systems that are interoperable with those of the distributor third system. Berbers,Internet of Things: However, the IoT will be able to extend the scope of this research using Discovery Services technology.

l internet des objets


Thus in the same way that a website has a unique address the URLit will be possible to fit each object with a unique electronic identification which will be readable and transferable via an Internet protocol network. Then the IoT is not only not limited to the on-line world, but also makes it potentially possible to provide each object with a l internet des objets double, that is, a simplified copy of the characteristics of physical objects.

These characteristics are multiple, and from a purely theoretical point of view, they could be almost infinite.

L’Internet des objets, une opportunité pour l’Europe

In most cases however, the focus is on the definition of the nature of the object, its functionalities, the services it offers, its position in space, the history of its movements, and its age, etc. The notion of ubiquitous computing is sometimes used to refer to the solutions that make this transfer possible.

The aim of ubiquitous solutions is to help detect and find answers to context changes. They must enable the collection, storage and manipulation of a given context to adapt a service to a specific situation and to a specific individual 7.

The generic expression ubiquitous computing still remains somewhat vague and refers in fact to most of the technologies presented l internet des objets the beginning l internet des objets this chapter — Semantic Web, RFID solutions, Service Oriented Architecture, etc.

As a result it is the most powerful tool for information-sharing that has ever been invented. In just a few decades, it has become the driving force behind dramatic changes in the lives of companies, individuals and institutions.

Defining the Internet of Things

This momentum will inevitably continue: This again brings into play the links between innovation and the market, technical resources and service applications, and also between security and liberty.

The key challenge is to respond to industrial and regulatory unknowns, and to answer ethical questions on accessibility, cultural diversity l internet des objets respect for liberties. It is principally devoted to the networks and services of the future 3.

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