John William Gardner (October 8, – February 16, ) was Secretary of Health, He authored books on improving leadership in American society and other subjects. He was also the founder of two prestigious fellowship programs, The. JOHN GARDNER. JOHN W GARDNER, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. and currently director of the Leadership Studies Program. Such is John W. Gardner in his On Leadership book, where he tells you not On Leadership, points at Gardner's ability on how to divert attention towards the.


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John W. Gardner

Suppose that our shared values have disintegrated to john gardner on leadership point that we believe in nothing strongly enough to work for it as a group.

Shared values are the bedrock on which leaders build the edifice of group achievement. No examination of leadership would be complete without attention to the decay and possible regeneration of the value framework. Suppose that our john gardner on leadership have become so lacking in adaptive-ness that they can no longer meet new challenges.

John W. Gardner - Wikipedia

All human institutions must renew themselves continuously; therefore, we must explore this process as it bears on leadership. I think of such matters--motivation, values, social cohesion, renewal--as the "issues behind the issues," and John gardner on leadership shall return to them often in the pages that follow.

Our Dispersed Leadership In this society, leadership is dispersed throughout all segments of the society--government, business, organized labor, the professions, the minority communities, the universities, social agencies, and so on.


Leadership is also dispersed down through the many levels of social functioning, from the loftiest levels of our national life down to the school principal, the local union leader, the shop supervisor.

We have always associated both kinds of dispersion with our notions of democracy and pluralism. But as our understanding of the principles of organization john gardner on leadership developed, we have come to see that there is really no alternative to such dispersal of leadership if large-scale systems are to retain their vitality.


The point is relevant not only for our society as a whole but also for john gardner on leadership the organized subsystems corporations, unions, government agencies, and so forth that compose it. Most leadership today is an attempt to accomplish purposes through or in spite of john gardner on leadership, intricately organized systems.

There is no possibility, that centralized authority can call all the shots in such systems, whether' the system is a corporation or a nation. Individuals in all segments and at all levels must be prepared to exercise leaderlike initiative and responsibility, using their local knowledge to solve problems at their level.

Vitality at middle and lower levels of leadership can produce greater vitality in the higher levels of leadership.

On Leadership

In addition to all people down the line who john gardner on leadership properly be called leaders at their level, there are in any vital organization or society a great many individuals who share leadership tasks unofficially, by behaving responsibly with respect to the purposes of the group.

Such individuals, who have been virtually ignored in the leadership literature, are im-mensely important to the leader and to the group.

John gardner on leadership as I point out later, even the responsible dissenter may be sharing the leadership task. Understanding Leadership I have seen a good many leaders in action.

My first chore for a president was for Eisenhower, whom I had known earlier when he headed Columbia University.

Of the seven presidents since then, John gardner on leadership have worked with all but two. But I have learned powerful lessons from less lofty leaders--from a top sergeant in the Marine Corps, from university presidents, corporate chief executive officers, community leaders, bank-ers, scientists, union leaders, school superintendents, and others.

I have led, and have worked in harness with other leaders.


The development of more and better leaders is an important objective that receives a good deal of attention in these pages. But this is not a how-to-do-it manual.

The first step is not action; the first step is understanding. The first question is how to think about leadership. I have in mind not just political buffs who want more and better leaders on the political scene, nor just CEOs who wonder why there are not john gardner on leadership leaders scattered through their huge organizations.

I have in mind citizens who do not want to be victimized by their leaders, neighborhood organizations that want to train their future leaders, the young people who dream of leadership, and all kinds of people who just john gardner on leadership to comprehend the world around them.

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