The House of the Spirits. Book review by. Barbara Schultz, Common Sense Media. The House of the Spirits Book Poster Image. The astonishing debut of a gifted storyteller, The House of the Spirits is both a symbolic family saga and the story of an unnamed Latin American country's. It is called La casa de los espíritus, House of the Spirits, after the book that opened the door to a new life for her, the most liberating of a.


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The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value Isabel Allende's first novel, The House of the Spirits, tells house of spirits book story of four generations of a land-owning family in postcolonial Chile.

The novel incorporates many elements of magical realism it blends supernatural occurrences with realistic events. It's easy to separate the fantasy from reality, however, and readers will learn much about the history of political movements and power house of spirits book in Chile from the early 20th century through s.

Specifically, readers will see why an oppressed underclass of people embraced Marxism or socialism, why and how the patrons land owners struggled to preserve their way of life, and how the brutal military police was able to take power.

The novel also reveals a great deal about the role of religion, and gender and class struggles, and the ways these evolved over time.

Positive Messages House of spirits book are equal parts love and suffering in The House of the Spirits, but there's an amazing amount of hope even in the most dire situations.

Charity is also prized very highly in this novel; most of the main characters are devoted to doing good works to feed, heal, and shelter the poor.

The undefeated

And familial love eventually triumphs over any grudges or philosophical differences. Jamie, one of Blanca's twin brothers, is a good-hearted doctor who puts healing far ahead of financial gain.


When the mayor eventually discovered where they had been taken, he called a town meeting. Allende found house of spirits book declaiming into a microphone and marching, "surrounded by a Spanish-speaking crowd, all of them mestizos - dark people, little people, and they were shouting the same slogans that we were shouting in the 70s in Chile: I realised that I had lived that before, with different nuances.

The House of the Spirits: A Novel: Isabel Allende: : Books

The house they now live in has curved rooms and a swimming pool overlooking the bay. When her grandmother - the inspiration for Clara in The House of the House of spirits bookAllende's favourite character in all her books - died, her grandfather wore black and painted the furniture black.

Her mother, now 86, always seemed to be ill.

The only way she could get attention from her father or anybody else was by being sick. She didn't do it consciously. As a child I felt impotent and guilty because I felt house of spirits book I couldn't help her in any way.

Allende is at her best when staying closest to her own experience.

The House of the Spirits

Allende married early, into an Anglophile family and a kind of double life: Her only foray into political reporting ended when she asked Salvador Allende, by then South America's first elected socialist president, what he thought of House of spirits book.

When she asked Pablo Neruda for an interview, the poet replied: After the house of spirits book of the People's Party a socialist movementAlba celebrates with Miguel.

Fearing a Communist dictatorshipEsteban Trueba and his fellow politicians plan a military coup of the socialist government. However, when the military coup is set into action, the military men relish their power and grow out of control.

Esteban's son Jaime is killed by power-driven soldiers along with other supporters of the government. After the coup, people are regularly kidnapped and tortured.

Esteban helps Blanca and Pedro Tercero flee to Canadawhere the couple finally find their happiness.

The military regime attempts to eliminate all traces of opposition and eventually comes for Alba. When Alba loses her will to live, she is house of spirits book by Clara's spirit who tells her not to wish for death, since it can easily come, but to wish to live.

Alba explains that she will not seek vengeance on those who have injured her, suggesting a hope that one day the human cycle of hate and revenge can be broken.

Alba writes the book to pass time while she waits for Miguel and for the house of spirits book of her child. Main characters[ edit ] Some of the characters' names are significant, particularly the women's names, which often indicate the personalities of the characters.

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Clara del Valle Trueba[ edit ] Clara one of its translations is the equivalent of English "clear", although it is also a common female name is the key female figure in the novel.

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