WEAPONS AND WARGEAR TRAKTOR KANON 4 4 EVIL SUNZ ARMY LIST Orks fmdand board drifting space hulks and delve into deserted ruins which are. ORKS IN THE WARHAMMER 40, UNIVERSE. By Bryan Ansell, . DEATH SKULL ARMY LIST . cspecially favoured by Freebooter Painboyz known as. Find great deals for Games Workshop Freebooterz Space Ork Army Lists Warhammer 40k OOP HC. Shop with confidence on eBay!


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A group of Imperial settlers established the outpost to take advantage of the rich promethium veins located deep within the planet.

Freebooterz : Rick Priestley :

When the miners detected an unknown ship entering the outskirts of the system, they attempted to hail it. This only served to alert the Kill Kroozer Krod's Krusha to their location. Krod became increasingly more and more demanding for vast stores of promethium to be mined, and he worked his crews round the clock to harvest all he could.

His trusted Weirdboyz continually asserted that a terrible danger was rapidly approaching, counsel that Krod took more and more seriously over time.

Finally, Krod gathered his Boyz and left the world a shattered, broken shell. The excessive mining had destabilized the veins of promethium running deep in the core of the world, freebooterz space ork army lists as his ships left orbit Tyrex IV exploded.

The massive explosion rained debris throughout the system and crippled three of the xenos ships as they made their escape.


Mogdos Gilt-Toof - Said to be the richest Ork in all Charadon, Freebooterz space ork army lists deep coffers of teef are vast enough to pay for the services of the best Big Meks and Painboyz around.

Once, he was a mere fang-ripper from a Bad Moons scrap fleet that was following in the shadow of a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. All was going well until the crews of the scrap fleet disturbed a dormant nest of bio-horrors on a dead human factory world.

Mogdos was the only Nob to make it back to the fleet alive after freebooterz space ork army lists ensuing battle, and "inherited" its wealth, setting up base in the nearby Charadon Ork empire and throwing in his lot with the Arch-Arsonist Snagrod.

Games Workshop Freebooterz Space Ork Army Lists Warhammer 40k 1991 OOP HC

Since then, Mogdos has followed Snagrod on his rampage across the Ultima Segmentummaking sure the other Warbosses pay their due and commissioning Meks to build the biggest and best war freebooterz space ork army lists. Mogdos' reputation also extends beyond the reaches of the Charadon empire, and stories tell of how, when he filled his first voidship full of teef, he hid most of it.

This legend of Gilt-Toof's treasure is told, in the main, by grizzled old Freebooterz, and has inspired many a greedy warband of Orks to wander off into the void looking for it, raiding worlds, and terrorising local populations in their quest for the alleged cave full of teef.

However, the Freebooterz' stories contradict each other, each one giving different clues to the planet's location, ensuring the legend of Gilt-Toof's hidden hoard continues to remain a mystery. Kaptin Morgash Kulgraz, scouting the battlefield. Morgaash Kulgraz - Morgash Kulgraz is one of the most prominent Freebooterz in the Koronus Expanse who is making a bid for overall leadership of the Ork Worlds within that region known as Undred Undred Teef.

Morgaash is a cunning and freebooterz space ork army lists Freebooter Kaptin. He is taking ruthless advantage of the numerical superiority of the Flash Gitz and Freebooterz freebooterz space ork army lists Undred Undred Teef, as well being bigger and harder than all the other Warbossesto support his rise to power.

Although barely spaceworthy, the Hulk was filled with loot from other parts of the galaxy. A cunning master of ship-to-ship combat, Morgaash wrested control of the largest and most powerful ship in the system, a massive Battlekroozer named Da Wurldbraka.

Morgaash then got a crew of the strongest, most aggressive Boyz from the other Kaptins, including as many of the psychic Ork Weirdboyz as he could find. Da Wurldbraka quickly became a ship as legendary as its Kaptin, a nightmarish sight that caused panic amongst smugglers and Rogue Traders alike in the region.

Morgaash has struck quickly and forcefully in every raid, allowing handfuls of survivors to spread his infamy across the Expanse. Armed with weapons of baleful and bizarre cast, Da Wurldbraka is constantly surprising freebooterz space ork army lists enemies with the breadth of its capabilities.

Rekka - It is not often that Kaptins of Freebooter crews are also skilled in one of the various Odd Boyz disciplines. Most Kaptins concentrate their time on plundering and fighting, which leaves them little room for other pursuits.

The purpose of the comments here should be to link to new competitive Ork lists that are found.

Freebooterz Space Ork Army Lists

If you freebooterz space ork army lists an Ork army that's placed well in a competitive event then please do provide a link to it in the comments below. They could be rich mercenaries. They could be Stormboyz who lost every bit of orkyness they once had from hanging around "them stupid spikey boyz" for too long and decided to worship the blood god.

This is considered to be freebooterz space ork army lists the very fringe of the socially acceptable in greenskin society, and any stormboy foolish enough to shout "Bludd for Da Bludd God! They could decide to defect from a Waaagh!

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