Allama Iqbal poetry in urdu for youth ~Allama Iqbal Poetry ~ Must Listen Subscribe us for more Videos. One of the greatest Urdu al poet of Pakistan who penned 'Saare jahan se achaa hindustaan hamara', and 'Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna. Either engulf and finish me in thy vastness, Or make me too vast and free of boundaries.3 This verse by Allama Iqbal, the greatest Urdu poet of the twentieth.


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Iqbal qualified for a scholarship from Trinity College, University of Cambridge and obtained Bachelor of Arts inand in the same year he was called to the bar as a barrister from Lincoln's Inn.

Muhammad Iqbal - Wikipedia

InIqbal moved to Germany to pursue his doctoral studies, and earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Working under the guidance of Friedrich HommelIqbal's doctoral thesisentitled The Development of Metaphysics in Persiawas free allama iqbal urdu poetry.

He preferred to write in this language because doing so made easier to express his thoughts.


He would write continuously in Free allama iqbal urdu poetry throughout his life. This is evident from his poetry, in which apart from independence ideologies, he also explores concepts of submission to Allah and following the path of Prophet Muhammad.

Academic career[ edit ] Photograph taken during Allama Iqbal's youth in Iqbal, after completing his Master of Arts degree inbegan his career as a reader of Arabic at Oriental College and shortly afterwards was selected as a junior professor of philosophy at Government College Lahore, where he had also been a student in the past.


He worked there until he left for England in Inhe returned from England and joined the same college again as a professor of philosophy free allama iqbal urdu poetry English literature. Iqbal's thoughts in his work primarily focus on the spiritual direction and development of human society, centred around experiences from his travels and stays in Western Europe and the Middle East.

Deeply grounded in religion since childhood, Iqbal began concentrating intensely on the study of Islam, the culture and history of Islamic civilisation and its political future, while embracing Rumi as "his guide".

Iqbal denounced political divisions within and amongst Muslim nations, and frequently alluded to and spoke in terms of the global Muslim community or the Ummah.

He used to appear before the Lahore High Court in both civil and criminal matters. There are more than reported judgments to his name. Final years and death[ edit ] The free allama iqbal urdu poetry of Muhammad Iqbal at the entrance of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Inafter returning from a trip to Spain and Afghanistan, Iqbal suffered from a mysterious throat illness.

He also advocated for an independent Muslim state.

Allama Iqbal Urdu Shayari APK

Iqbal as a Barrister-at-Law Iqbal ceased practising law in and was granted a pension by the Nawab of Bhopal. In his final years, he frequently visited the Dargah of famous Sufi Ali Hujwiri in Lahore for spiritual guidance.

After suffering for months from his illness, Iqbal died in Lahore on 21 Free allama iqbal urdu poetry A night view of the tomb Iqbal is commemorated widely in Pakistan, where he is regarded as the ideological founder of the state.

His Tarana-e-Hind is a song that is widely used in India as a patriotic song speaking of communal harmony.

A New Approach to Iqbal - Muḥammad Ḥasan - Google Knjige

His birthday is annually commemorated in Pakistan as Iqbal Day. The government and public organisations have sponsored the establishment of educational institutions, colleges and schools dedicated to Iqbal, and have established the Iqbal Academy Pakistan to research, teach and preserve his works, literature and philosophy.

Allama Iqbal Stamps Society was established for the promotion of Iqbaliyat in philately and in other hobbies. Javaid Manzil was Iqbal's last residence.

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