. Modos de Vivir y Sobrevivir: Un Estudio Transcultural de Cinco Etnias en la Amazonia Ecuatoriana. Quito, Ecuador: Abya Yala/Universidad Politécnica. Esta nacionalidad esta asentada a lo largo de la sierra ecuatoriana, inclusive en otras regiones del Ecuador, debido a los movimientos. etnias del ecuador. Eli Salto. Loading Unsubscribe from Eli Salto? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working.


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Project MUSE - Etnias del Norte: Etnohistoria e historia de Ecuador (review)

Part 2 is etnias del ecuador, in large part, to the production and transformation of traditional textiles as they were integrated into the colonial economy. In part 3, Caillavet focuses on a more cultural type of historical anthropology: In part four, Caillavet contextualizes and transcribes four documents, most of which have never been published before: One of the most impressive aspects of Chantal Caillavet's work is the use of wide-ranging and often tedious methodologies to attempt to answer challenging questions, especially etnias del ecuador the preincaic past.

Through the joint application of archival data, field work, archaeology, toponymy, and oral histories, she presents some interesting life scenarios although she often presents them as facts.


These are dangerous waters into which few researchers would choose to tread. Indeed, the author seems unimpeded by current debates among postmodernist scholars in Latin American studies. The latter claim that we cannot know anything about the prehispanic past, because most data is colonial in nature and therefore offers up etnias del ecuador skewed conclusions.


Etnias del ecuador leads to the charge that many cultural forms that we once thought were prehispanic either are, or could be, colonial constructions. Although the critique merits careful consideration, Caillavet's use of multiple methods allows her to produce a history of possibilities.

Many in the field would not find this satisfying, while others would prefer to search for answers, no matter how tentative, than to abandon the quest.

Caillavet, in etnias del ecuador exemplary use of her methodological arsenal, attempts to prove that Otavalo was an ethnic group, and that it had constructed a sacred landscape with a religious nucleus, carefully built in the center of several natural landscape [End Page ] features—two volcanos, Imbabura and Cotacachi, and the Lake of San Pablo.

The first century of Spanish rule was the most formative. During that period, Old World diseases reduced Indian populations to levels from which few have recovered fully. etnias del ecuador

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Further, Spanish colonizers ill-treated and overworked Indians and exploited their lands and resources. Intense Spanish settlement and commericial forms of production, for example, had disastrous consequences for native peoples.


That some Indian societies were better able to survive than others, Newson stresses, can etnias del ecuador explained largely in terms of differences in the size and character of native populations at the time of Spanish conquest and in the resources to be found in the areas they inhabited.

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