As measured by means of the UPDRS scale, in a patient by using exclusively de pacientes diagnosticados con Parkinson según la escala UPDRS usando. UPDRS total en periodo con medicación **Se considera que clínicamente un cambio en la escala UPDRS de 4,1 a 4,5 puntos es mínimo y. UPDRS application. UPDRS - Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale - Part 2. Lucas Silva. Loading.


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Retro Gamer SamplerEscala updrs Retro Gamer Sampler56 Peripheral Vision: DK Bongos We didn't want to slow it down so we actually removed the features and kept is fast We used the research escala updrs 'deep brain stimulation', 'Parkinson disease' and 'randomized controlled trial'.

The search period was not limited and included all articles published up to September The exclusion criteria were: We included studies in English, Portuguese and Spanish that were designed as randomized clinical trials with DBS surgery as the main intervention in individuals with PD, having outcomes of control of motor symptoms and cognitive aspects verbal fluency, memory, attention and executive functions.

Other outcomes of interest were quality of life and mood behavioral aspects. Study selection and data extraction. The titles and abstracts of all the articles identified by the search strategy were evaluated.

All abstracts that did not provide sufficient information on inclusion and exclusion criteria had their associated full texts read in order to evaluate them.

Unified Parkinson's disease rating scale

In this research stage, the reviewers independently assessed the entire articles and made their selections according to the eligibility criteria, collecting data on the interventions, outcomes, instruments used for evaluation and methodological characteristics.

Disagreements among escala updrs reviewers were resolved by consensus.

Studies lacking a clear description of their randomization process and those concealing their allocation lists including terms such as "randomization by telephone", "based on escala updrs Web" and "central" were considered not to have satisfied these criteria.

Intention-to-treat analysis was considered after confirming that the participants who were randomized and analyzed were identical, except for those who were lost during follow-up or who withdrew their consent to participate in the study.

Three other factors were analyzed to shed light on the studies' quality: All of the aspects considered were assessed as "adequate" or escala updrs. The analysis was descriptive for outcomes escala updrs and type of instrument used to assess motor and cognitive aspects.


Furthermore, methodological characteristics and main evidence according to the central aim of the research were reported. An additional 12 studies were found using only two escala updrs terms 'Parkinson's disease' and 'deep brain stimulation' in two databases, giving a total of studies.

Analysis of Speech of People with Parkinson's Disease - Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave - Google Books

Of these, 57 were selected to have their full texts read and 19 satisfied the escala updrs review's eligibility criteria. The complete flow chart of studies included in this review is given in Figure 1.

The included studies involved a total of 2, patients.

Flow diagram of studies included in the review. Study quality was classified as good in half the studies, according to the assessment based on the GRADE approach as recommended by the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. Cognitive aspects were assessed using various types of instruments, covering specific cognitive areas attention, memory, executive functions and verbal fluency or escala updrs functions in general.

The analysis of the data concerning the effects of surgery on cognitive symptoms suggested no adverse effects except on verbal fluency VFwhich showed a greater decline after DBS semantic VF declined 4.

Escala updrs quality of life results were better for those patients who underwent DBS.


In the Daniels et al study,22 the main objective was to evaluate the quality of life of patients who underwent DBS-STN surgery, unlike other studies that predominantly aimed to assess escala updrs control of motor symptoms.

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