Pre-K and Kindergarten Sight Word BOOM Card Games Bundle Dolch. his bundle includes two BOOM Card Games (includes 92) - one for each of the PreK and Kindergarten Level Dolch Sight Words. Help your students build their sight word fluency while also engaging them in this fun physical activity. Looking for activities using Dolch sight words? This article includes great activities to make learning fun, plus some online sites that can also be helpful. Below you will find a set of teacher tested word lists by grade level. We then use these words in various activities to make students become more familiar with.


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Flash Cards Consider using flash cards - on the flash cards you can underline the high frequency word and write each word out in a color that is memorable and stands out from the rest.

Activities Using Dolch Words

Consider using the word wall - every class has a word wall, and the word wall in your class room should have the grade specific high frequency words on it. Have the class look at the wall carefully for a few minutes and then tell them that you are thinking of a word that begins with the letter "t.

You can give them at the very least four clues. The second clue could go into how many syllables the word dolch sight word activities or what word or words it may rhyme with and when you use the word dolch sight word activities.

Sight Words

These clues should better help the student in figuring out what word you are trying to get the students to remember. Online Activity Resources There are some great sites that have activities using Dolch words. They provide a variety of activities as well as games, worksheets and flash cards dolch sight word activities help students learn the sight words.

Sight Dolch sight word activities provides free flash cards, activities using Dolch words, games, and lesson plans Kid Zone provides flash cards, games and activities from Preschool to Grade 3 MRCPL is one of the best websites for sight word activities.

Sight Words Teaching Strategy

Hold up the flash card for the first word, and go through all five techniques, in order. Then introduce the second word, and go through all five teaching techniques, and so on.

This lesson should establish basic familiarity with the new words. This part of a sight words session should be brisk dolch sight word activities last no more than ten minutes.

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  • Activities Using Dolch Words
  • Dolch Sight Words List | Sight Words: Teach Your Child to Read
  • Dolch Sight Words List
  • Online Activity Resources

As your child gets more advanced, you might increase the number of words you work on in each lesson. Words often need to be covered a few times for the child to fully internalize them.

If your child struggles to recognize a word, cover that word again in the main lesson, going through all five teaching techniques. The child should have a good grasp of — but dolch sight word activities not dolch sight word activities to have completely mastered — a word before it gets replaced in your lesson plan.

Use your game time to provide lots of repetition for these words until the child has thoroughly mastered them. We have numerous sight words games that will make that repetition fun and entertaining for you and your child.

The games are of course the most entertaining part of the sight words program, but they need to wait until after the first part of the sight words lesson. Games reinforce what the lesson teaches. Dolch sight word activities not use games to introduce new words.

Be sure the child has a pretty good grasp of a sight word before using it in a game, especially if you are working with a group of children. You do not want one child to be regularly embarrassed in front of his classmates when he struggles with words the others have already mastered!

Sight Words Teaching Techniques Introduce new sight words using this sequence of five teaching techniques: Spell Reading — The child says the word and spells out the letters, then reads the word again. Arm Tapping — The child says the word and then dolch sight word activities out the letters while tapping them on his arm, then reads the word again.

Air Writing — A child says the word, dolch sight word activities writes the letters in the air in front of the flash card.

Printable Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

Sight Words Lists There are many sight word lists circulating today. They have many words in common and typically include Dolch, high frequency, phonetically irregular and commonly misspelled words.

Sight Word Books Sight word books help a child develop a sight word vocabulary. These books contain repetitive high frequency words.


We created free books like the one to the left.

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