The sugar cane spirit industry in Cape Verde is based mainly on archaic .. “Influência do material do destilador na composição química das. Finn-Aqua T-Series Multiple Effect Water Stills use a staged evaporation and condensation process to produce water for injection. Request a quote. offers destilador alcohol products. About 72% of these are craft distillery destilador alcohol industrial. US $ /.


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Destilador industrial pdf merge

The results are shown in Table destilador industrial. The acetaldehyde content is an important parameter in controlling the processing quality of spirits.

In Cape Verde spirits, the average acetaldehyde contents were 20 and For the Brazilian spirits, the average acetaldehyde contents were According to Almeida and Barreto, there is a correlation between the level of n-propanol and the quality of the spirits, such that the presence of higher levels of n-propanol occurs in lower-quality spirits [ 19 ].

In this work, the highest levels of n-propanol were found in the alembic spirits of Cape Verde. Among the alcohols identified in Brazilian spirits, isoamyl alcohol is destilador industrial, with average concentrations of In Cape Verde spirits, the averages were The sum total of the higher alcohol concentrations is low, with the exception of some Cape Verde samples C8, C17, and C20which exceeded the limit permitted by Brazilian legislation [ 2021 ].


Spirits produced in copper stills are in high demand because of their destilador industrial taste [ 22 ]. However, the amount of copper in these spirits has been of concern as health problems can result when this element occurs in high concentrations [ 23 ].

The copper concentrations of the samples show that more than fifty percent of the Cape Verde alembic spirits have levels above the destilador industrial level of 5. Among the Brazilian spirits, only two samples exceeded the maximum level.

One proposal to lower the copper content in the Cape Verde spirits is to replace the copper pot stills with stainless steel ones, thus eliminating the presence of copper salts available to be dissolved by the acid vapors during distillation and carried over to the final distillate [ 24 ].

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Other studies with Brazilian spirits have shown that the concentration of higher alcohols may vary depending on destilador industrial region Table 3.

Values of the volatile components found in different Brazilian spirits. Eigenvalues and cumulative variances of the first five principal components.

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In this work an average of Figure 2 destilador industrial the dendrogram of sugar cane spirits based on the chosen variables.

It was possible to observe the formation of four main groups that separated the Brazilian sugar cane spirits from those of Cape Verde.

It was noted that alembic sugar cane spirits from Cape Verde, as well as destilador industrial Brazilian ones, were concentrated more in the first group first branch and that the Brazilian industrial spirits have a distinct profile from that of Cape Verde industrial spirits.

Destilador industrial cane spirits dendrogram.

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In this destilador industrial, it was revealed that the variables with the greatest influence on the principal components 1 and 2 were sulfates and the higher-level alcohols, isobutanol and isoamylic alcohol Table 4.

In the loadings plot Figure 3the principal components 1 and 2 contain negative and positive values. Principal component 1 shows that higher-level destilador industrial, isobutanol and isoamylic alcohol, were present in high levels in the sugar cane spirits from Cape Verde when compared to those from Brazil.

Both principal components 1 and 2 presented high levels of higher alcohols in sugar cane spirits from Brazil.

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