DA Form Equipment Receipt (Use for Issuing Weapons and Protective Masks). DA Form Report of Survey. DA Form You can find a fillable DA Form available for download. DA is also available in Microsoft Word format. CCOUTINGFOR LOST, DAMAGED, DESTROYED PROPERTY, DA FORM ,. REPORT OF SURVEY. --FORT BRAGG PHYSICAL.


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Given classroom instruction and student handouts. Determined the key aspects of supervising unit supply activities. Discuss the basic principles of property accountability. The definition of property Accountability and Responsibility, the difference between real property and personal, Authorization documents and Requisition Funding.

In a classroom environment, da form 4697 classroom instruction and Student handout. Discussed the basic principles of property accountability. Army property will not be used for any private purpose except as authorized by HQDA. The requisitioning or assembling of excess repair parts and or components to create an unauthorized end item is prohibited.

All excess equipment and supplies will be turned in to the appropriate supply support activity in accordance with AR What is Property Accountability Property Accountability is the obligation imposed by law, lawful order, or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping an accurate record of property, documents, or funds.

Frequently used DA Forms in Pure-edge and MS Word

It includes maintaining records of gains, losses, due-in, due-out and balances on hand or in use. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents or funds.

Weapons, Machines, da form 4697 etc.


Identify the type of responsibilities, define the terms, identify the types of property and classification of property. In a classroom environment and student handout.

Identified the types of responsibilities, terms, types of property, and Classification of Property. Types of Responsibility COMMAND The obligation of a commander to ensure all Government property within his or da form 4697 command is properly used and cared for, and that proper custody and safekeeping are provided.

Command responsibility is inherent in command and da form 4697 be delegated.

Direct responsibility results from assignment as an accountable officer, acceptance of property on hand receipt from an accountable officer, or receipt of formal written delegation. A person who is hand Receipted property directly from an accountable officer.

This person has direct responsibility for the property. A person who is hand receipted property from a primary hand receipt holder. Da form 4697 a person subsequently given property for care, use, safekeeping or further issue. It does not transfer direct responsibility for the property, but does transfer personal responsibility.

Supply Economy Flashcards Preview

All other property not meeting the criteria or definition of organizational property. It requires formal property book accountability. Therefore, it is managed at property book da form 4697. Does not require accountability, but must be controlled. Define the term hand receipt, identify the different types of hand receipts, and the various hand receipt procedures.


Da form 4697 all 4 types of hand receipts and 3 of 4 hand receipt procedures. A hand receipt between an accountable officer and the person receiving the property and assuming direct responsibility for it. A receipt for property from a primary hand receipt holder or a sub-hand receipt holder to a person subsequently given the property for care, use, safekeeping or further issue.

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