Similarly, since I am meeting with someone tomorrow on how to do a cluster analysis with Stata, it has now become my favorite software for. Cluster Analysis. I'm afraid I cannot really recommend Stata's cluster analysis module. The output is simply too sparse. Perhaps there are some ados available of. Hierarchical cluster analysis is comprised of agglomerative methods and divisive methods that finds clusters of Average Linkage Cluster Analysis in Stata.


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Fuzzy clusters are NOT, contrary to the vicious rumors spread by my enemies, what can be found under my bed because I last cleaned cluster analysis stata during the Mesozic era, but rather, a method where observations are allowed to fall into two clusters at once.

What are the some of the methods for analyzing clustered data in Stata? | Stata FAQ

Can people be only anorexic or bulimic or can they fall in both groups? Fuzzy clustering says yes. Kmeans partitions says, no.

You can perhaps, though, have a third group of people who are anorexic-bulimic. When Maria came home for Christmas after having gotten her first job as cluster analysis stata sportswriter, someone asked her if she had a favorite sport, she responded: See cluster analysis stata Stata help for details about the available keywords.

Now, the second command does the actual clustering.

  • Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
  • Primary Sidebar

If you have just accomplished the first step, the second command will build immediately on it. What the command presented here does is compute cluster analysis stata solutions for 10 to 3 clusters and store the grouping of cases for each solution.


That is, afterwards you will find cluster analysis stata "gp3", "gp4" and so on in your data set. It is not meant as a way to select a particular model or cluster approach for your data.

In selecting a method to be used in analyzing clustered data the user must think carefully about the nature of their data and the assumptions underlying each of the approaches shown below. More examples of analyzing clustered data can be found on our webpage Stata Library: The dataset we will use to illustrate the various procedures is imm


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