Che cos'è il TOLC: come iscriversi e come partecipare alle selezioni per accedere ai Corsi a numero. Admission tests for the Degree Programmes in Engineering - TOLC -I must sit an Aptitude Test (TOLC-I CISIA online Test for Engineering), which is taken by An evaluation test called TOLC-I is scheduled, useful in order to avoid The TOLC-I is distributed by CISIA and can be taken in any of the at Largo L. Lazzarino, Pisa –Building Triennio di Ingegneria (Polo A), first floor.


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AlphaTest Ingegneria by Alpha Test

The method employed in teaching core subjects aims at developing a methodological approach to the solution of engineering problems. In order to take cisia test ingegneria account the interdisciplinary context typical of engineering jobs, the course is designed to provide students with the ability to work both independently and within a work team.

During this time students also receive instruction in basic computer science skills and cisia test ingegneria English. At the same time, still following the right sequence, students acquire basic civil and environmental engineering knowledge in Hydraulics, Construction Science, Technical Drawing, and Geotechnicssupplemented by the interrelated subjects of Technical Physics and Material Science, to fulfil the educational goals of the programme.

Finally, especially in the 3rd year, students tackle the professional engineering subjects of Construction Technology, Road and Railway Infrastructures, Hydraulic construction and Topography.


The main career opportunities for graduates are with: Cisia test ingegneria requirements For admission to the course, the student should possess the following knowledge of mathematics: Properties of numbers and their operations whole, rational, real numbers.

Simple and quadratic algebraic equations and inequalities. Systems of simple equations.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria

Segments and angles; their measurement and properties. Straight lines and planes. Properties of the main plane geometric figures triangles, circles, cisia test ingegneria polygons, etc and relative lengths and areas.

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Properties of the principal solid geometrical figures spheres, cones, cylinders, prisms, parallelepipeds, pyramids, etc. Analytical geometry and functions.


The concept of function. Equations for of lines and simple geometrical loci circumferences, ellipses, parabolas etc. Graphs and properties of the sine, cosine and tangent functions.


Principal trigonometrical formulas addition, subtraction, duplication, bisection. The student's aptitude for the course and level of basic knowledge will be assessed through a national CISIA test.

Evaluation test for degree programmes in Engineering Degree programmes for which students are expected to take the TOLC: To identify any specific shortcomings however, it cisia test ingegneria recommended that the participants also complete the other sections of the test.

Civil and Environmental Engineering | Università degli Studi di Parma

Two stages are scheduled: Candidates obtaining a score of at least 15 out of 40 questions excluding questions for Assessing Knowledge of the English Language in the early tests, which will be held from March to Julymay enrol in one of the bachelor's degree third-year Programmes in Engineering without Additional Educational Obligations.

The Cisia test ingegneria of the engineering disciplines consists of 40 questions, subdivided into 4 sections: Mathematics 20 questions, 60 minutesSciences 10 questions, 20 minutesLogic 5 questions, 15 minutesVerbal Comprehension 5 questions, 10 minutes.

The total time for the test is therefore of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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