Tresor (which he referred to as Brunetto Latini's Politica) was heavily dependent .. The early pages of the Tesoretto thus announce and lament the disastrous. Brunetto Latini appears in Inferno XV among the sodomites in the seventh circle of Hell. Readers often notice the tenderness Dante exhibits toward his mentor. manuscript of Brunetto Latini's Tesoretto (Florence, Biblioteca. Medicea-Laurenziana, Strozzi ) from the early Trecento." This particular exemplar features a.


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Brunetto Latini Research Papers -

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Su Brunetto Latini e brunetto latini tesoretto suoi fiancheggiatori, Roma, Aracne, She teaches Brunetto about God's creation and man's fall. She tells him about the four humours, the parts of the soul, astronomy and geography. Her teaching provides an excellent survey of the medieval world view.

These Pillars are carefully shown in Strozzifol.

The map is upside-down, in the manner of Arabic world maps, such as Latino might have seen at the court of Alfonso el Sabio in Spain. Though brunetto latini tesoretto are spoken of in other texts, it is probable that Dante's use of them is a memory of Latino's poem.

It is also likely that Dante brunetto latini tesoretto Ulysses abuse language because of the ambivalent uses of rhetoric which can convey the truth or lie, which can save the city, or betray it.

Dante's Ulysses is the supreme example of the rhetorician, yet his use of rhetoric is to betray Troy, and thereby Rome Padoan, p.

Brunetto Latino Website Portal

Dante gives him a tale that occurs nowhere else in brunetto latini tesoretto classical tradition, because it is a lie that Dante has fabricated for the crafty Ulysses, who inhabits the region of false counsellors.

It is a lie that has decieved generations of scholars searching through texts to find a precedent. The tale is 'original' in the modern sense, but for a medieval audience, that originality might have invalidated it. Ulysses is the poetic version of those other figures who are associated with the real Brunetto Latino in life and in Dante's poetic lines: Brunetto latini tesoretto then takes his leave of Natura and comes to Philosophy's realm.

At this point Latino, standing to one side, sees and hears brunetto latini tesoretto young knight being educated in the virtues necessary for the good citizen of the well-ordered city Strozz.

The young man 'Chavaliero' in the illuminations resembles Commedia depictions of Dante as student, while the figure of Master Brunetto is garbed like those depictions of magisterial Virgil Strozz.


The young knight is taught to be courteous and not quarrelsome, to be neither prodigal nor avaricious, and certainly not to gamble at dice or to haunt brothels and taverns, but to treat strangers with honour and enemies with temperance. These are largely bourgeois virtues, not aristocratic ones.

The preservation of 'honour' by brunetto latini tesoretto of feuding is spoken of as foolish - though sometimes necessary.

Brunetto Latini

The knight is further told that the use of language is of the utmost importance, and that he must not only use words with wisdom, but also trust in the Church. Brunetto latini tesoretto has written a courtesy book with a difference, a courtesy book to be read not by members of the nobility, but by brunetto latini tesoretto of a bourgeous, republican democracy.

Then Latino wanders from his path - as Natura had warned him not to do - and brunetto latini tesoretto to the realm of Fortune and Love, as he travels down the lefthand road on the Kalends of May. There he finds a variable landscape that at one moment is deserted, the next has tents, then palaces, in which people are weeping or joyous, in which they are stationary or are brunetto latini tesoretto or being chased.

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