Warriors: Battles of the Clans (Warriors Field Guide) [Erin Hunter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An inside look at each Clan's fighting. and you will learn more about the battles of the Clans. Luckily for you, the Clans are at peace right now. There is a Gathering to- morrow night, so many of us will. An inside look at each Clan's fighting secrets: ShadowClan's night ambush techniqueThunderClan's surprise Lightning Strike tacticWindClan's secret.


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The commander of this army knew it was likely that when he marched into the mountains, his forces were in danger of being ambushed by the men of Chattan or Kay — or perhaps both clans would unite.

The outcome could be the massacre of the royal army. So, he came up with a battle of the clans and sent messengers to speak to the two warring clans with a proposal.

This was a chance to sort out the problem in one day, sparing countless lives. The clan chiefs agreed and when the king heard of this plan, he battle of the clans so delighted, he decided he and his court would come to Perth to watch the spectacle.

A large brightly coloured pavilion was put up for the royal party and benches were laid out for the people of Perth to sit on. The crowd waited expectedly in the warm summer sun as the skirl of the bagpipes drew closer and closer.

Exchequer accounts for the year contained this entry: It was with this tremendous arm that the clansmen contended in the pitched fight on the North Inch of Perth, under the eye of Robert III. However that may be, Clan Chattan refused to fight one man short, and no clansman of Clan Kay would volunteer to withdraw to even the numbers.

The Battle of The Clans.

So, for a time, it seemed as if the affair would have to be abandoned, no battle of the clans to the huge relief of the weak Robert III! No part of this website battle of the clans be used in entirety or in part or in reference or in paraphrase without proper credit to the author, or if republished, without prior permission of the author.

Shaw Mhor Spearhead of the Clan Chattan Throughout The History of the Highland Clans, the ancient Celtic Laws of Tanistry were and remain an intricate yet pragmatic method of determining the path of succession of both local kings and tribal Chieftains.

Sometimes a King or Chief was elected by the way of his direct lineal descent from father to son.

Because of evolving circumstances or necessity, many other battle of the clans the new King or Chief was elected via the laws of Tanistry from suitable brothers or male cousins of the Derbfine, the extended royal family line of the Kingly or Chiefly family. During times when the Chief was unable to lead the clan in battle, feud or raid, circumstances demanded election of a Ceann- Cath, or temporary "War Leader" to do so.

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It was from the ranks of the Derbfine again, that the candidate was found. It was from within this setting that the intertwined Celtic spiral of national geopolitics and Badenoch and Lochaber tribal and personal feuds and alliances swirled together to affect the fate of one such able Ceann- Cath who was elected from within the Derbfine of Clan Mackintosh to lead the Clan Chattan tribal federation: The battle of the clans origins and theories of the great Clan Chattan - Clan Cameron feud remain veiled in the mists of the history of the Kingdom of Moray.

From its main tribal center at Torcastle, the early Clan Chattan chiefs were loosely allied with the Mac Donald Kings or Lords, depending on your political view of the Isles.

The Battle of the Clans – Perth 1396

This marriage did much to alter the fabric of tribal and family battle of the clans in Lochaber. It was a pivotal point in the Clan Chattan - consolidating the increasing power of the Clan Mackintosh while subtly distancing relations with the descendants of the family lines of the 'old' Clan Chattan Chiefs residing in the aboriginal tribes and clans of Lochaber.

This geopolitical shift led to the occasional independence of the Clan Mhuirich later called Clan MacPherson. The offer was accepted, and the battle was given the go-ahead. Blood flowed fast, and the groans of those who fell began to mingle with the battle of the clans of those who fought.

The wild notes of the pipes were still heard above the tumult and stimulated to further exertion the fury of the combatants. At once, however, as if by mutual agreement, the instruments sounded a retreat.


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