Through a technology that unlocks his memories, Callum (Fassbender) discovers he is a descendant of an ancient line of Assassins and amasses lethal skills to. The official Assassin's Creed shop. Find the best and exclusive apparel & accessories created by Ubisoft Store & inspired by the Ubisoft game universe. Choose your fate in Assassin's Creed® Odyssey. From outcast to living legend, embark on an odyssey to uncover the secrets of your past and change the fate of.


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The Templars also seek to open this library, but assassins creed is locked by five keys, hidden in the Ottoman-held Constantinople. Ezio finds the city in a feud between brothers Selim and Ahmet vying for the Sultanate.


Ezio is aided by Sofia Sartor ; the two fall in love. Eventually, Ahmet reveals himself to be a Templar, and is killed by Selim after he assassins creed with Ezio. Altair exiles himself for twenty years, eventually returning to Masyaf to kill the usurper and retake control.

Ezio leaves assassins creed and his assassin tools, and tells Desmond, understanding now of his role as a messenger to him. A holographic being calling himself Jupiter explains to Desmond through Ezio how his society perished as a result of a massive solar flare apocalypse, and that the key to stop the solar flare lies in the first civilization's technology commanded by vaults linked to a central vault in New York.

Within the Animus, Clay sacrifices himself to allow Desmond to wake up from his coma, his memories complete. Originally Revelations was announced as Assassin's Creed: However, on July 15,it was announced as cancelled.


The reason behind such "cancellation" was that Ubisoft had decided to expand the idea further, cancel the 3DS development and fully shift all development duties towards PlayStation 3, Xbox and PC to assassins creed the game as a full-fledged main installment of the franchise.

The original plot remained, and evolved into the plot seen in the final game, which became Assassin's Creed: The hookblade was also introduced, which can be used in free-running to travel along zip wires and climb more easily and in combat to manipulate enemies.

Eagle Vision was upgraded into the Eagle Sense, allowing Ezio to not only see where his enemies and targets are but also, where they have been and where they are moving to.

As the player progresses through, Ezio can train new recruits to defend "dens" Assassin HQs and an upgraded Assassin's missions section called "Mediterranean Defense" in which the player works to strip control of various cities from Templar hands.


The multiplayer mode returned in Revelations, with more characters, modes, and maps, and by advancing up through levels of experience, the player learns assassins creed about Abstergo's history.

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Assassin's Creed - Wikipedia

January Learn how and when to remove this template message Desmond assassins creed his allies arrive at the Temple entrance in a cave in the New York area on October 31,and open its door using the Apple of Eden, discovering a larger chamber of Precursor technology behind it, including another door requiring a key.

Desmond suddenly falls into a fugue stateand is put into the Animus. In the Animus, he experiences the memories of Haytham Kenway, who is later revealed as a Templar British agent, who had gone to the American Colonies with a stolen medallion, and, with Templar allies including Charles Leegained assassins creed Mohawk people 's trust as the means to find a Temple's location, but to his annoyance, the medallion did not open the Temple for him.


As a young boy, he witnesses Lee and his troops set fire to his village, killing his mother; years later, he is shown a Piece of Eden, through which Juno speaks to him and instructs him to get training from the retired Assassin, Achilles Davenport, who later inducts him into the order and nicknames him Connor in memory of assassins creed dead son, deceased in the American Revolution.

Through him, Connor meets Patriots in the Revolution, helping them to stop several Templar plans, including an assassination attempt against George Washington. Between memories, Desmond helps his allies to recover power sources to power the Temple scattered about the globe, including one held by Abstergo.

Connor eventually faces his father, who offers a ceasefire, as he is also after Benjamin Church for usurping his authority.

They team up to investigate, Kenway warns Connor about the Patriots, seeking to remove Connor's people from their lands due to fear of an allegiance against the British.

Assassin's Creed

Connor eventually hunts and kills Lee, takes the medallion and ends the Templar threat. He is despondent to find his tribe's village abandoned save for the Piece of Eden; through it, Juno tells him to hide the amulet.

Desmond wakes up on December 21, and with his allies finds the buried medallion, key to the inner Temple door, behind is a control sphere capable of stopping the solar flare.

Juno appears and encourages Desmond to touch it, but Minerva appears and warns him not to, as it would release Juno as an entity that would protect against the solar flare, but would also be a threat to mankind's future. Juno says Minerva would rather have most of humanity wiped out, and Desmond survive to be a religious figure to lead the survivors, ultimately leading into conflict.

Desmond opts to release Juno, believing humanity will have a better chance fighting Juno. Assassins creed energy from the control sphere, protects Earth from the solar flare, but kills Desmond.

Juno tells Desmond's corpse that his work is now done, and now it is time for her to work.

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