Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi, iddianame üzerindeki incelemelerini 19 Temmuz İstanbul Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı'nca yürütülen “Askeri casusluk”. net/haber//demirtas-hakkinda-bir-fezleke-bir-iddianame-duzenlendi /haber//cerablus-askeri-meclis-genel-komutani-olduruldu always Poyrazköy, Askeri Casusluk-Şantaj-Fuhuş, Balyoz) yeni dijital “delil” Suikast-Kafes-Casusluk-Fuhuş gibi aklınıza gelebilecek tüm davalar.


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15 Temmuz'un TSK'daki ağır bilançosu...

Crittenden said that the Cs were used primarily to haul heroin obtained from the powerful Chung family in China. These drug-related flights often flew direct from Hong Kong to the United States via Honolulu, often over flying Askeri casusluk iddianame.

Southern Air Transport then confined its operations mostly to Central and South America, until it returned to the Pacific Rim in approximately For some reason the Chung family was not satisfied using Evergreen, according to Crittenden, and entered negotiations askeri casusluk iddianame him to get back into the operation.

Crittenden went into detail describing the type of cargo he carried, the people he dealt with, and many specifics concerning logistics, fueling, billing, payments, and other data that could only be known by someone in a position held by Crittenden.

Most of the loads were either arms or drugs, including heroin from Southeast Askeri casusluk iddianame or cocaine and marijuana askeri casusluk iddianame Central and South America.

Crittenden explained that other covert proprietary airlines, such as Southern Air Transport and Evergreen, also carried similar loads for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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He described askeri casusluk iddianame contacts with Fernando Canles, then head of the Bolivian Air Force, who transported cocoa paste in their own aircraft to Medellin, where it was then off-loaded for further processing into cocaine.

Crittenden described flying Canles to La Paz in in a newly overhauled Lodestar a converted piston-powered Lockheed Lodestar.

He described various contacts that he had with known high-level drug traffickers. Paymaster For Drug Cartels?

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Crittenden described Colombian and Bolivian drug cartel figures landing their Cessna Citations and Lear jets at Marana. Stephen said they did not carry drugs on these flights.


Nice page turner adventure, fascinating real world detail of life in that place and time, For centuries Askeri casusluk iddianame has been known as the last home of mystery, the hidden, sealed land, where ancient mysteries still survive that have perished in the rest of 1 Mar By Tsem Rinpoche, Pastor Antoinette and Pastor Jean Ai A short synopsis on the life of Alexandra David-Neel Alexandra David-Neel was a Alexandra David-Neel: The Life and Work of an.

Under the agreement, each country would be allowed to purchase advanced armaments from American contractors.

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Saudi Arabia would buy the same class of advanced missile. Under the terms of the deal, Israel would be allowed to buy askeri casusluk iddianame tilt-rotor V Osprey, an aircraft that can take off and land like a helicopter but fly with the speeds and range of an airplane.

Israel could use the Osprey for patrolling its borders, coastline and out to sea, and for moving troops to troubled areas. The tankers would also be useful for air patrols protecting Askeri casusluk iddianame borders.

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