Arid and Semi-arid Region Landforms. mass wasting (surface creep, landslides, mud and debris flows, and rock topples and falls), water-driven or fluvial processes, and. wind-driven or aeolian processes (dust, loess, sand dunes). Arid Landforms. C.J. Cox. Arid Landforms. Found in BW Climates; Non-retentive alkaline soils; Sparse Vegetation. Xerophytes; Succulents; Ephermals; shallow. Arid Landforms. Basic Concepts. I. Most deserts exhibit highly angular landscapes. mechanical weathering dominates; angular particles of weathered rock;.


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Small streams flow into bolsons, where water is accumulated. These temporary lakes are called playas. After the evaporation of water, salt-covered playas are called salinas. Pediments In form and function there is no difference between a pediment and an alluvial fan; however, pediment is an arid landforms landform while a fan is a constructional one.

Arid Landforms: Wind Eroded & Water Eroded | PMF IAS

A true pediment is arid landforms rock cut surface at the foot of mountains. Bajada Bajadas are moderately sloping depositional plains located between pediments and playa. Several alluvial fans coalesce to form a bajada.

It causes depressions known as blow outs.

Following are arid landforms major landforms produced by wind erosion. Deflation basins Deflation basins, called blowouts, are hollows formed by the removal of arid landforms by wind. Blowouts are generally small, but may be up to several kilometers in diameter.


Mushroom rocks A mushroom arid landforms, also called rock pedestal or a pedestal rock, is a naturally occurring rock whose shape, as its name implies, resembles a mushroom. The rocks are deformed in a number of different ways: Mushroom rocks are related to, but different from, yardang.

Inselbergs A monadnock or inselberg is an isolated hill, knob, ridge, outcrop, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain.


Demoiselles These are rock pillars which stand as resistant rocks above soft rocks as a result of arid landforms erosion of hard and soft rocks. Zeugen A table-shaped area of rock found in arid and semi-arid areas formed when more resistant rock is reduced at a arid landforms rate than softer rocks around it.

Arid Landforms: Wind Eroded & Water Eroded

Yardangs Ridge of rock, formed by the action of the wind, usually parallel to the prevailing wind direction. Surprisingly, water is an arid landforms agent of erosion in arid lands. Although streams may only be active during and right after a heavy rain, running water during a flash arid landforms can carry tremendous amounts of material.


Arroyos or washes are dry stream beds that arid landforms temporarily during rain storms. This usually signals an environment such as a shallow continental shelf in a warm, tropical climate.

These deposits alone give climatologists a good look at the climatic past of the American Southwest. Many of these deposits have been dated to the Proterozoic and Paleozoic Ages. Most of the ancient limestone formed from planktonic algae, but in the late Paleozoic time, coral reefs also became key producers of carbonate sediments.

Limestone is mostly made of calcite CaCO3. The Mojave Desert has many such deposits, suggesting its past climate was once a shallow ocean arid landforms environment.

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